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Group profile

       The headquarter of Shandong Zhongnong Gerui Agricultural Group is located in Shouguang, Shandong Province, the "hometown of vegetables". It is a member unit of China Agricultural Mechanization Association, member unit of Shanghai greenhouse Manufacturing Industry Association, technology innovation enterprise and key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shouguang City.

The group has six subsidiaries

       Shouguang Gerui Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd

       Shouguang Geruirunnong Greenhouse Engineering Co., Ltd

       Shouguang Jianggong Horticulture Co., Ltd.,

       Shandong Gerui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd,

       GRE Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd,

       Shouguang Geri Shouguang Jianggong Horticulture Co., Ltd.

       The main business covers greenhouse planning and construction, greenhouse facilities supporting, greenhouse automation equipment production and sales, greenhouse automation software development, park trusteeship operation, greenhouse horticultural design, agricultural technology consulting, agricultural product sales logistics, agricultural technology research and development, import and export trade and other fields. The products developed and produced have won national patents and sold well in many countries around the world.


Mobile phone station

Tel:+86 0536-5785800

Contact Fax: +86 0536-5505088

Contact email: sggrny@163.com

Contact website: http://www.zngragricultural.com

Address: Gerui agriculture, 20 / F, Shouguang e-commerce building, Shandong Province

Shandong Zhongnong Gerui Agricultural Group Co., Ltd

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