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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has arranged preparations for precipitation, strong winds and cooling

A strong cold air has affected most parts of China, with temperatures in most northern regions dropping by 6 to 10 degrees Celsius and local temperatures falling by more than 16 degrees Celsius, accompanied by gales of force 4 to 9. Some parts of northern Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, northern Shaanxi and northern Shanxi will see snow or sleet, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said on its website. In the next 10 days, rainfall in South and South China is 3-70% more than the same period of the year, and severe convective weather will appear in some areas. At present, it is a critical period of winter wheat booting and heading, fruit trees flowering and fruiting in north China, rape pod filling, early rice planting and middle-rice seedling cultivation in South China. The strong wind, low temperature and heavy rainfall may have a certain impact on spring pipe and spring sowing. In order to effectively prevent and respond to the disastrous weather and ensure the smooth development of spring farming production, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued a circular, requiring all localities to strive for harvest based on disaster resistance, take coping with wind, cooling, rain and snow as an important task of current agricultural and rural work, strengthen organization and leadership, mobilize extensively, do a good job in overall planning and coordination, and strengthen the implementation of responsibilities. We will ensure that agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation measures are fully implemented.

First, we will strengthen monitoring and early warning. We will strengthen communication and consultation with meteorological departments, pay close attention to weather changes, study and assess the impact of strong winds, low temperatures and heavy rainfall on spring pipe and spring sowing, organize experts to improve prevention and response plans based on location and seedlings, timely release early warning information, make preparations for prevention technology, materials and other aspects in advance, and implement targeted defense measures.


Second, scientific disaster prevention and mitigation. In the northern winter wheat area, it is necessary to strengthen the classification of field pipes, take measures of watering and increasing soil moisture in time, spray foliar fertilizer and growth regulator in time after low temperature, keep ear number, increase grain number and lift grain weight. In North and northwest China, fruit trees should be sprayed with antifreeze, tree trunk bandaging, timely smoking and other measures to prevent cold and frost; Timely reinforcement of facilities, vegetable greenhouses, etc., enhance thermal insulation capacity, timely removal of snow, temperature and humidity. In southern early rice producing areas, field management should be strengthened, water should be discharged in time, seedlings should be destroyed by replanting, tillering fertilizer should be added, and growth recovery should be promoted. The seedlings that have not been transplanted should be well insulated and ventilated to prevent the seedlings from growing and rotting. In rape producing areas, clear ditches and drain water, and harvest mature plots in time.


Third, we will do a good job in providing guidance. Experts and agricultural technicians were sent to the disaster areas to check the situation of seedlings and disasters, and to guide farmers to take measures to prevent wind, cold, flood and water damage, so as to effectively fight disasters, provide relief and resume production. To give full play to the role of socialized service organizations and professional plant protection service teams, implement the prevention and control measures of wheat stripe rust "detection with drugs, detection of one spot, control of one spot", and head fungus "fight when flowers appear, fight again when flowers bloom", vigorously carry out unified prevention and control and joint prevention and control, and firmly curb the outbreak and epidemic. We will strengthen the distribution and transportation of seeds, seedlings, fertilizers and other means of production for disaster relief, meet the needs of self-rescue and production recovery, and strive to minimize disaster losses.

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