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What are the core technologies of agricultural science and technology?

Under the pressure of increasingly scarce resources, pressing natural environment and continuous population growth, countries around the world are seeking agricultural solutions and developing more advanced, efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural technologies in order to meet future food needs.

In the process of promoting agricultural modernization in the world, both the American model with fewer people and more land and the Japanese model with more people and less land (concentrated in developed countries in Asia) are committed to changing the situation of low efficiency and high resource cost of traditional agriculture with the latest agricultural science and technology. Scientific and technological innovation is the foundation. What are the key technologies to accelerate the realization of breakthroughs in agricultural science and technology?

1. Internet of Things

Drones and soil sensors provide field-to-field data, including variables such as soil moisture, nutrient levels, salinity, temperature, and soil organic matter. These data can guide variable irrigation systems, such as drip irrigation, on-demand water supply, and water conservation. Based on this field data, a digital map of the field can be generated, combined with GPS tractor guidance and smart tools, to guide farmers in precisely applying fertilizer and managing pests and diseases.

Ii. Mechanization

The automatic transplanting machine realizes the precise transplanting of seedlings from the seedling tray to the transplanting tray. The mechanical grippers are arranged in parallel and can be operated equidistant at the same time. The mechanical grippers can be accurately grasped by controlling the servo motor. By servo control software to achieve fast transplanting seedlings.


Iii. Industrialization

The on-demand technology of factory seedling cultivation can make the growth environment of seeds in each hole basically consistent, and at the same time, add the standardized management after entering the greenhouse, so that the seedling emergence stage and growth potential of the hole pan remain uniform, so as to provide customers with high quality commercial seedlings.


Four, intelligent

Software development, PLC programming, automation control, for the agricultural field to provide automation technology solutions, through the visual characteristics of crops, chemical characteristics, climate variables, thermal images and other information processing, learning to better protect crops

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