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How to achieve high quality development in modern agricultural Parks?

In recent years, modern agricultural parks have been rapidly developed with the strong support of the relevant national policies and verified in the market. This is a mode of agricultural development in line with the situation of our country. Through scientific and technological development, demonstration, radiation and popularization, it greatly promoted the adjustment of regional agricultural structure and industrial upgrading. The scope of construction of the park should be expanded constantly, and the single form of factory and greenhouse cultivation mode should be broken. Various forms centering on agricultural science and technology can play a role between different production subjects, as well as various types of promoting farmers' income around leading industries and advantageous regions should be included in the scope of construction of the park.


What does "Technology + Market" Decide to grow

To build a good modern agricultural park, select the right industry is the premise, science and technology and market is the key.

Some agricultural park industries blindly follow suit and engage in "copy and paste", not based on local soil and climate conditions, and products do not meet market requirements. Some agricultural parks have chaotic industries, with several or even a dozen leading industries planned for a region or a park, but few industries of scale, climate and benefit... The selection of industry should be scientific, which must conform to the laws and characteristics of agricultural development. According to the altitude, soil, wind direction, irrigation conditions and other factors of the park, the industry type and variety type should be selected scientifically, so as to adapt to local conditions.

In determining industries, we should adhere to the market orientation, and give priority to industries with stable market, storable storage and processing capacity for what the park plants and produces, rather than making arbitrary decisions "at the whim of the head". The development of industries should be prioritized, one or two leading industries should be identified and developed in a large-scale and intensive manner, and other auxiliary industries should be appropriately supplemented, rather than a hodgepodge.

"Owner + farmer" defines who will grow the plants

New business entities lead the development of modern agricultural parks, and modern agricultural parks provide broad development space for new business entities. In some places, no one wants to build a park, and no owners and farmers have entered. Some of the attracted owners are "fake owners", who do not want to invest any money and only want to rely on government project funds. We will give full play to the role of public security, finance, industrial and commercial taxation and other sectors, develop a "keen eye" to distinguish between real and fake investment in agriculture, and resolutely keep out "fake business owners" who simply focus on government projects. In particular, we should urge enterprises to pay land rent and migrant workers' income in a timely manner, continue to manage and protect industries, and prevent enterprises from abandoning their projects in the middle of the project.

We need to develop at an appropriate scale, properly control the size of medium-sized business entities such as family farms and specialized cooperatives, and prevent business owners from being dragged down by greed. We need to revitalize low-yield and inefficient parks. We need to revitalize low-yield parks that their owners develop on a large scale and are not well run, as well as low-yield parks that are run by village collectives by attracting new owners, reversing rents, and returning the land to the people. We will vigorously foster industrial parks run by households, and support rural households in developing industrial parks of appropriate scale through self-management and rent-reversal.


"Three-part construction" requires "seven-part management"

In order to achieve high quality development, modern agricultural parks must establish and improve the investment mechanism, management and protection mechanism, and avoid the reconstruction of light management formalism.

In some places, the enthusiasm for the construction of parks is high, but the subsequent management is "irrelevant". In particular, the park's infrastructure is unattended, leading to "built this year, broken next year, and repaired every year". After the completion of parks, they become barren or abandoned parks.

Some local project funds are all used for the hardware construction of the parks, and no funds are reserved for software such as industrial management and protection, technical services, and market expansion, resulting in no guarantee for the subsequent development of the parks. We will support those who develop industries first, and those who develop well. We will build parks where there are owners, so as to give full play to the leverage of government funds. We should strengthen the management and protection of infrastructure, adhere to the principle of "who benefits, who should be in charge", and identify those responsible for the management and protection of infrastructure, so as to prevent man-made factors from destroying or destroying infrastructure construction.

At the same time, the financial investment in the construction of infrastructure should be quantified property rights and equity, so that the property rights and responsibilities are clear. We need to balance the input of financial funds, including pre-production, mid-production and post-production. We need to give a lift to the built parks, especially reserving funds for the mid-production and post-production links, and strengthening support for the whole link and the whole industrial chain.

It is necessary to establish an early warning mechanism for the development of the park, and to give early warning, take measures and deal with the problems existing in the development of the park such as inappropriate scale management, single sales channels of agricultural products and low level. To actively promote the "garden director system", each park should be set up by the Party committee or government responsible person as the "garden director" work class, forming up and down linkage, joint management.


A garden of ten thousand mu is not as good as a garden of ten thousand mu.

In order to build a modern agricultural park, it is necessary to clarify the evaluation criteria, not only to have a "high appearance level", but also to have high yields and benefits, so as to increase the income of more farmers.

Some localities blindly pursue "big parks" and get used to the government taking over all the projects. They spend a lot of money to build agricultural parks on a scale of tens of thousands of mu. The supporting standards are generally low, and the benefits of helping farmers to increase income are not good.

Some like to take the "tall" route, all in accordance with the standards of tourist attractions to build agricultural "foreign parks", impractical integration of agriculture and tourism, built a lot of sculpture facilities with no practical value.

To build modern agricultural parks well, we should proceed from reality, and not deliberately build contiguous zones by digging and filling large areas, clearing and creating barren land. Not to the scale of the hero, should be to the unit area to benefit, encourage the construction of "mu yield of ten thousand yuan one hundred mu small park", rather than the construction of "mu yield of one hundred thousand mu large park". It is necessary to return to the origin of agriculture, truly regard the supply of high-quality agricultural products as the main business of agriculture, and the construction of modern agricultural parks cannot pursue foreign pursuits. Although the integration of agriculture and tourism is an important direction of the development of modern agriculture, factors such as transportation, resources and industrial characteristics must be considered comprehensively.

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