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Future development trend of smart agricultural greenhouse

As we all know, smart agriculture is the direction of future agricultural development, and also one of the embodiment of the development of facility agriculture. It is mainly applied in intelligent greenhouses with high degree of automation, with remote monitoring management, intelligent linkage and other functions. In fact, intelligent greenhouses are to install sensors, control boxes and other Internet of things devices for thin-film greenhouses, multi-arch greenhouses, double-layer greenhouses and so on, to control the whole greenhouse together, to achieve the purpose of automatic watering and fertilization, ventilation, warming and lighting. The continuous development of intelligent agriculture also leads the smart greenhouse to the intelligent road, so that the personnel management is more scientific and intelligent, so that the data can be relied on, scientific management. There is no need to run back and forth by human measurement, which not only saves time and effort, but also makes it intelligent, which can be operated by mobile phone APP or computer client.


Smart agricultural greenhouse diversification

In the future, the greenhouse will make more use of urban space. Various plant factories will be built in the basement, parking lot, building interior, balcony space, roof space and other places. Artificial intelligent LED will be used to fill artificial light, so as to achieve the purpose of scientific research and experiment.

Intelligent agricultural greenhouse automation

Intelligent agricultural greenhouses in the United States pay attention to the degree of automation, and complete control systems such as ventilation and cooling fans, tuyere opening and closing, heating, light replenishment and nutrient solution circulation. In the future, scientific greenhouses will be more intelligent, able to meet the individual needs of scientific research tasks and carry out joint scientific experiments across disciplines with the help of computers.


The bright spot of smart agricultural greenhouse lies in intelligent and digital management, which can stabilize the greenhouse environment, provide a relatively stable growing environment for crops and livestock, and improve the quality of agricultural products. Smart greenhouses are gradually entering the range of farmers' and individual households' planting and breeding options. Compared with traditional greenhouses, intelligent greenhouses have obvious advantages, such as saving water and fertilizer resources, less damaging to the environment, improving the difficulty of livestock management, reducing the case fatality rate, and increasing income to a certain extent. In the same way, the disadvantages of intelligent greenhouse are also obvious, such as high cost and difficult operation, which makes most farmers and farmers unable to enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet of Things technology at present. I believe that with the passage of time, intelligent greenhouse will slowly enter the vast rural areas.

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