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How many tips do you know about growing vegetables? You can definitely use these three. It's good to grow vegetables and high yield

Planting vegetables is a knowledge, and it is not a matter of directly sowing vegetable seeds into the ground and then applying fertilizer, watering, weeding and so on. Take growing tomatoes for example, want to get a higher yield, want to grow delicious tomatoes, also need to master a few tips, the following to share with you, growing tomatoes not only higher yield and better taste.


First, often use organic bacterial fertilizer

There are two kinds of bacteria in the soil, one is harmful bacteria, the other is good bacteria, good bacteria more, it means the soil is fertile, the good bacteria in the soil devour the disease, decompose the organic matter in the soil, reduce the occurrence of disease, reform the soil structure, let the soil more soft and breathable, can effectively improve the growth rate of tomatoes and other vegetables, increase the yield.

However, the beneficial bacteria in the soil is not conjured out of thin air, want to increase the beneficial bacteria in the soil, need human intervention, regular application of organic bacterial fertilizer is a very good way.

When tomatoes are fertilized with beneficial bacteria, they bloom more, bear more fruit, have fewer pests and diseases, and grow very sweet tomatoes with excellent taste.

Two, spray foliar fertilizer to assist growth

Many people think that the nutrients needed by plants are produced by root absorption and leaf photosynthesis, which is not wrong, but people may overlook that, in fact, the leaves of plants can also absorb foreign nutrients. If we use this property of leaves, the tomatoes we grow can absorb twice as much nutrients, and absorb nutrients faster. Growth is also naturally faster, especially in the later stage of tomato growth, the leaves can absorb nutrients to make up for the defects of root aging, which may increase the yield of tomatoes to the greatest extent.


Three, appropriate pruning interrupt

Pruning is mainly aimed at fruits and vegetables, eggplant fruits and vegetables, such as we often grow tomatoes, you need pruning interrupt, can improve the yield of tomatoes, but also can minimize the disease and insect pests of tomatoes.

Tomato pruning is very simple, is to cut off the bottom of the yellow leaves, old leaves, forks, etc., to concentrate the nutrient supply for tomato plants to grow tall and blossom and fruit.

After tomato pruning, is not done, but also need timely fertilizer, it is best to apply beneficial bacterial fertilizer, can promote flowering, fruit, can also protect flowers and fruit, so as to improve the yield.

Growing vegetables is very simple, but management still needs some tricks, learning some tricks every day, to grow vegetables has a great benefit.

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