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We will further improve the development of modern agricultural parks

Modern agricultural parks are an important carrier to gather intellectual innovation elements, promote industrial integration and realize agricultural modernization. Efforts should be made to build modern agricultural parks into high-quality and efficient agricultural development platforms in key fields.

First, develop a sound modern agricultural park planning. It should be noted that the site selection and positioning of the park should be combined with regional agricultural development planning, local characteristic industry development planning, new rural development planning, and economic and social development planning. All localities should take full account of the original resource base of agricultural production and improve infrastructure construction according to local conditions. Such as transportation, water and electricity, accommodation and entertainment places and resorts further construction. In addition, the planning of the park must combine the cultural and cultural landscape of the area where the ecological park is located, and develop agricultural and sideline products and tourism products with local agricultural and cultural characteristics.


Second, we will strengthen financial support for modern agricultural parks. The central financial funds should increase the support for the construction of modern agricultural parks in large agricultural counties, grain-producing counties and poor counties, so as to alleviate the financial shortage in the construction of modern agricultural parks. We will continue to increase the integration of funds for agriculture-related projects, allocate funds to the links and subjects that need them most, and further improve the efficiency of funds spent on agriculture-related projects. To increase investment attraction, adhere to the construction while attracting investment, attract various market entities to settle down in the park, speed up the construction of production bases, processing enterprises, trading markets and other park entities, so that the park is completed, put into operation and effective as early as possible.

3. Realize the industrialization development of modern agricultural parks. This requires joint support from agriculture, science and technology, development and reform, poverty alleviation and other departments to promote the industrialization development of modern agricultural parks. In accordance with the planning and design requirements of the park, the construction of infrastructure in the park should be accelerated. Farmland infrastructure should meet high standards for farmland construction, road traffic should be unimpeded, water, electricity, communications and other supporting facilities should be given preferential treatment in water, electricity and financial services, and the role of new market players such as enterprises and farmers' specialized cooperatives should be given full play.


Fourth, strengthen the construction of personnel, improve the management mechanism. Modern agricultural park construction urgently needs a group of technical professionals, need to introduce know business philosophy, understand the core technology, management ability of high-end talents. The human resources, social security and education departments help the Park to improve farmers' cultural level and basic production skills through demonstration training, cultivate new farmers who have a certain level of science and technology, can basically use modern technology and understand social information, actively play the demonstration and driving role of the park, promote the development of related industries in surrounding areas, and promote the application of modern agricultural science and technology. We will accelerate the development of modern agriculture in all localities.

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