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Hello, summer!

On 6 May at 2:19

Start of summer

Start of Summer is the beginning of summer

At this time of year, summer begins to grow and everything begins to flourish.


The Beginning of Summer! Vegetables grow prosperous, management must keep up!

1, adjust the appropriate growth environment

Although the temperature of the Start of Summer solar term rises, it changes a lot. The temperature and air humidity suitable for growth and development should be adjusted timely according to the external climate change and different crops.

2, strengthen watering, topdressing

According to the weather conditions, plant growth and soil conditions to water and fertilizer, to meet the growth needs, topdressing should be vigorously promoted the integration of water and fertilizer technology, in order to apply nutrition with drip irrigation.

3. Plant management

Timely management such as hanging, winding, falling seedlings, pruning and branching should be carried out. Cucumber and tomato should adopt the method of constantly falling seedlings to prolong the results of the plants, and timely remove the lower yellow leaves, old leaves and diseased leaves. It is suitable for tomato and cucumber to keep about 16 functional leaves per plant, so as to ensure the requirements of photosynthetic products of plant growth and fruit expansion.


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