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Where is the breakthrough for the agricultural industry to flourish?

The core of rural revitalization is industrial prosperity. When industry prospered, farmers' incomes would rise; when farmers had money, they would be well off; and a country-style civilization would be in the offing, for the ancients had said, "granaries are full, and propriety is known." So how can agriculture thrive? In the current general oversupply of agricultural products, many people are confused and do not see a way out of the industry to thrive. Where is the opening for the agricultural boom?


Improve the quality of agricultural products

Although most agricultural products are now unmarketable and prices are low, quality agricultural products are scarce. To meet the domestic demand for quality agricultural products, we import a large number of apples, pears, kiwis, cherries and so on every year. Therefore, agricultural operators should reduce the production of ordinary agricultural products, produce high-quality agricultural products through the use of science and technology, rely on high-quality higher prices, improve income. Only when agricultural incomes rise can outstanding people be willing to engage in agricultural production and agriculture can flourish.

The branding of agricultural products

As agricultural products have no brand, or well-known brand to be exact, consumers cannot buy their favorite agricultural products, while producers cannot sell them. For example, I want to eat a good cucumber, but I don't know the best brand of cucumber in China; I want to eat good cherries. I don't know the name of the best cherry in China. Because consumers can't find their favorite agricultural products, resulting in a decline in the demand for agricultural products, agricultural products unsalable.


We are now more regional brands, such as Luochuan apple, Zhou to kiwi etc., but only the regional brand is not enough, also need enterprise brand (or personal brand), because there are many agricultural operators in a region, their varieties, cultivation techniques are not the same, resulting in different quality of agricultural products. As a brand, its quality should be generally consistent, quality is basically stable. If agricultural products are branded and consumers can buy their preferred brands, demand will increase, farm incomes will rise, and the agricultural industry will thrive.

Characteristic industry

To the village as a unit, the development of local characteristics of the industry. We should adhere to the industrial chain thinking and form a complete production chain, supply chain and communication chain. Only in this way can we sustain development, resist the risks of the market and achieve industrial prosperity.

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