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How to manage summer vegetables? Farmers must see!

Now the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and many vegetables have entered the growing season. As we all know, summer is hot and rainy, vegetable management will be different from winter and spring. The high temperature in summer is the season where diseases, pests and grasses occur frequently. The fields are also prone to drought and water shortage, and even threatened by high temperature, which seriously affects the growth and development of vegetables and reduces the yield and quality of vegetables. So how to manage summer vegetables? Let's take a look.


1. Choose heat-resistant and water-resistant varieties

Summer temperature is often above 30℃, rainfall concentration, the general vegetable unbearable, so can choose heat-resistant, water-resistant varieties.

2, timely irrigation

(1) Frequent watering of small water. In summer, water evaporation is large, and flood irrigation is easy to damage roots. Frequent watering with small water can not only meet the needs of crops for water, but also reduce the field temperature. Do not water at noon on a sunny day, otherwise easy to cause a sudden drop in rhizosphere soil temperature and make plants wilting, even death.

(2) Irrigation is carried out according to the water quality. Increase the application of organic fertilizer to improve the soil. For easy to collect water land, should take drainage deep ploughing. Clay loam has strong water retention, poor air permeability and less irrigation times. It should be combined with deep ploughing and more hoeing.

(3) Irrigation should be carried out according to vegetable types and characteristics. For the species with shallow roots and large leaf area, the soil moisture is required to be high, and the soil surface should be kept moist and dry. For small leaf surface shallow root system or large leaf area and deep root system, ensure that the bed surface see dry wet.

3, timely topdressing

Topdressing is a supplement to base fertilizer. When the base fertilizer is sufficient, jacket vegetables can be less topdressing or no topdressing before flowering, and fast vegetables to "one water one fertilizer", but the amount of fertilizer should be small not too large.


4, pest control

High temperature, drought is very easy to produce bud pests and diseases, if the rain humidity is high, can not be successfully discharged, it will cause some rotted long mildew disease. This disease, are very easy to be contaminated, repeated infection, pandemic, greenhouse indoor space is relatively limited, once the disease, rapid infection. Therefore, before entering the summer, the soil layer sprayed with medicine sterilization, vegetables sprayed with some protective film to prevent.

The above is the management of summer vegetables, summer temperature is high, long light time, some vegetables are prone to high temperature disorders or burns, we must strengthen management. Hopefully, all of this will help farmers enhance the nutrients in their fields and make their crops more resistant to high temperatures.

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