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How to reflect the advantages of facility agriculture

Facility agriculture is a modern agricultural method that integrates modern science and technology into efficient production of animals and plants with engineering technology. The advantage of facility agriculture is to integrate a large amount of technology into related accessories or technologies, so as to achieve the goal that ordinary agriculture cannot reach.

The advantages are reflected in the following ways:

Produce agricultural products out of season

At present, the greenhouse can realize spring vegetables and fruits to market in advance, autumn vegetables harvest delay, winter vegetable production. Greenhouses stagger vegetable production seasons to achieve year-round vegetable supply, ensuring that people can eat fresh vegetable products at the table at any time.


High efficiency and rapid mechanization

At present, the vegetable greenhouses we have built in recent years can be combined with the Internet of Things control software system to realize intelligent and automatic control of the sunshade, ventilation, cooling, heating, irrigation and fertilization system of the greenhouses. We can use mobile phones and computers to monitor and control greenhouse in real time, which can save water, fertilizer, electricity and energy consumption while reducing labor.

The automatic transplanting machine realizes the precise transplanting of seedlings from the seedling tray to the transplanting tray. The mechanical grippers are arranged in parallel and can be operated equidistant at the same time. The mechanical grippers can be accurately grasped by controlling the servo motor. By servo control software to achieve fast transplanting seedlings.


Produce green and pollution-free vegetables

Greenhouse through the creation of its own internal small environment climate can maximize isolation of pests and diseases (greenhouse vent layout insect control net) and reduce outdoor dust, haze and other damage to plants. At the same time, the greenhouse can reduce the damage to crops caused by natural disasters and produce high-quality pollution-free vegetables.

The on-demand technology of factory seedling cultivation can make the growth environment of seeds in each hole basically consistent, and at the same time, add the standardized management after entering the greenhouse, so that the seedling emergence stage and growth potential of the hole pan remain uniform, so as to provide customers with high quality commercial seedlings.


An important way of efficient utilization of Chinese agricultural resources, facilities agriculture still has a very broad development prospect in our country. Under controllable conditions, facility agriculture has good product quality, large off-season profit, and output per unit area several times that of open land production. It can be described as high yield, high efficiency and high quality agricultural production. Therefore, facility agriculture is a good industry to drive farmers to get rich.

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