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"Agricultural technology dry goods" high yield must! A tool for factory seedling cultivation

Factory seedling raising is to equip the seedling production workshop with advanced seedling facilities and equipment, integrate modern biotechnology, environmental control technology, fertilization and irrigation technology, information management technology through the seedling production process, and organize seedling production and management in a modern and enterprise-oriented mode, so as to achieve large-scale production of seedlings.


To put it simply, we use advanced facilities and equipment to artificially control the growth environment of various vegetable seeds, such as germination, seedling greening, seedling growth, and seedling refining, so as to produce high-quality seedlings in batches under the condition of unified technology and centralized management, so as to achieve the specialization of seedling production and commercialization of seedling supply.

Compared with traditional seedling cultivation, factory vegetable seedling cultivation has fewer seeds, energy saving, labor saving, high efficiency, low cost, light pests and diseases, seedling strong, high success rate, suitable for mechanized operation and standardized management. With the development of industry and the refinement of socialized division of labor, factory seedling rearing has gradually separated from the industrial chain and become an independent industrial node technology.

Current situation of factory seedling industry

Main problems: the seedling enterprises start late, the investment is low, the scale is small, the facilities are backward, and the government does not know how to win a lot of subsidies. Extensive management, poor environment, poor seedling quality, low benefit; Seedling technology is single, can not be all season, all varieties of seedlings, low efficiency, idle personnel.

At present, compared with the United States, the Netherlands, Japan and other developed countries, there is still a lot of room for improvement in China's factory vegetable seedling, mainly due to the single technology of seedling equipment, low system integration, it is difficult to realize automatic factory vegetable seedling, so that the production scale and production capacity is limited. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate and demonstrate the technology of factory vegetable seedling system. National agricultural intelligent equipment engineering and technology research center based on the development trend of the world agricultural intelligent equipment and the needs of the development of modern agriculture, aiming at the key issues of agricultural intelligent equipment, basic and common technology, systematization, integration and engineering research and development, construction of agricultural intelligent equipment digital design and testing technology platform. Breaking through the key techniques of design, processing and manufacturing of agricultural intelligent equipment, developing the series of technical products of agricultural intelligent equipment adapting to different production scales and business modes, providing materialization technical support for the development of modern agriculture, and enhancing the level of Chinese agricultural intelligent equipment.


Gerui agricultural facilities Research and Development Center is located in Shouguang modern agricultural high-tech integrated demonstration zone, the center is equipped with advanced automatic seeding production line, constant temperature germination room, automatic seedling logistics system, integrated irrigation system of water and fertilizer, plant lighting system, air heating system and a series of intelligent facilities, which accelerates the adjustment and upgrading of agricultural industrial structure. Promote the process of agricultural modernization.

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