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The rural Work Conference released three major benefits, farmers can catch!

This meeting has released significant benefits that are highly related to the immediate interests of farmers. So how should farmers view and respond to the coming rural revitalization?

[Key Point 1: Gradually build all permanent basic farmland into high-standard farmland]

The meeting stressed the need to resolutely adhere to the red line of 1.8 billion mu of arable land and gradually turn all permanent basic farmland into high-standard farmland.

"Resolutely hold the red line of 1.8 billion mu of arable land" is the strategic bottom line of cultivated land protection for many years, and the comprehensive construction of high-standard farmland is another comprehensive upgrade of permanent basic farmland, black land, etc.

The so-called "high-standard farmland" can be understood as "fighter aircraft in permanent basic farmland". It refers to the cultivated land designated as permanent basic farmland with flat land, concentrated contiguity, complete facilities, supporting farmland, fertile soil, good ecology, strong disaster resistance, guaranteed harvest in drought and flood, high and stable yield, which is compatible with modern agricultural production and management mode.

The characteristics of high standard farmland is that "field into square, soil forming, channels into a network, roads connected, trenches connected, soil fertilizer, drought can irrigation, flood can drainage, no pollution, high yield", is the highest level of cultivated land, top configuration.

According to Article 33 of the current Land Administration Law, established high-standard farmland should be classified as permanent basic farmland in accordance with territorial space planning and strictly protected.


That is, all high standard farmland should be permanent prime farmland. The new goal of the conference is to make all permanent capital farmland top quality and high standard farmland.

In the future, permanent basic farmland will be able to be directly equated with high standard farmland! This means that more than 80 percent of China's arable land will be upgraded to high standard farmland, ensuring that our rice bowls remain firmly in our hands.

Knowing this grand strategic goal, farmers will be able to understand the meaning of the subject it contains: all damage, destruction, occupation of permanent basic farmland, high standard farmland behavior, will be in the present and future the most severe investigation and crackdown!

[Point Two: Ensure that the majority of farmers' original contract rights remain stable and smoothly extended]

The meeting stressed the need to do a solid job in extending the contract period for another 30 years to ensure that the majority of farmers' original contract rights remain stable and smoothly extended.

Farmers should bear in mind under what circumstances rural collective economic organizations have the right to forcibly take back contracted land of farmers. In practice, only a certain "unowned" village collective has this right. Otherwise, farmers can only voluntarily return the contracted land within the contract period, and the village collective does not enjoy any power of coercion.


[Key Point 3: Cautiously and steadily advance the trial reform of the rural homestead system and deepen the trial of bringing rural collective land for commercial construction into the market]

The market-oriented allocation of factor resources, especially in the field of agricultural and rural work, is highlighted by various measures of rural land system reform. The reform of the homestead system and the market of collective commercial construction land are leading the way.

Many rural land resources are already very tight, with more people and less land, and there is almost no stock of "collective operational construction land". Moreover, the active use of residential land and cross-village transfer and rental face many legal and customary obstacles. All these lead to the reform of the pilot is the same, the situation is a little complicated and confused.

Based on the above situation, the word "prudent" has never been taken out in the pilot reform of the homestead system, which also objectively affects the speed and scope of the reform pilot.

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