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How to accelerate the rise of facility agriculture


In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for the quantity, quality and variety of food has increased, and the structure has also changed. The direct consumption of staple food has decreased, while the demand for fruit, vegetables and high-quality protein has increased. The good life of people is not only reflected in eating enough, but also reflected in eating well and eating beautifully. Facility agriculture is a kind of modern agricultural method that uses engineering technology to produce plants and animals efficiently under relatively controllable environment. Facility agriculture is "the greatest of the country". To establish the concept of big food, it is necessary to ask for food from facility agriculture. China's facility agriculture mainly includes the production of vegetables, fruits, flowers, edible fungi and other agricultural products, among which facility vegetables account for 81% of the country's total facility area. The key task of the development plan introduced in our province is to build a standardized facility vegetable industry, build a high-end facility fruit industry, and develop a modern facility edible fungus industry. By the end of 2025, the province will produce 3.5 million tons of vegetables annually, with an annual output value of more than 17 billion yuan, and the self-sufficiency rate of vegetables in winter and spring will reach 60%.

Developing facility agriculture is an important content of transforming agricultural development mode and constructing modern agriculture. Supported by science and technology and guided by market, facility agriculture represents the development direction of modern agriculture and is one of the important symbols to measure the level of agricultural modernization.


By creating high-quality facility agriculture industrial belt and landscape belt, creating a number of regional public brands, forming a new pattern of intensive, organic, standardized, intelligent and brand development, facility agriculture will be built into a new type of business leading the integrated development of industries, a special industry for farmers to increase income and get rich, and a demonstration model for the integrated development of agricultural transformation.

The development of facility agriculture is an important way to accelerate the rise of rural industries, an effective way to achieve sustainable income increase of farmers, and a powerful measure to increase the effective supply of agricultural products and ensure food safety and grocery basket safety. At the same time, facility agriculture can help promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional planting and breeding industry to modern agriculture, promote the transformation of farmers from farmers to agricultural industrial workers, expand the channels for farmers to increase their income and the space for agricultural value-added, and enable rural revitalization.


Facility agriculture is a highly intensive and high input agricultural industry, and the guiding role of the government is very important. We should give full play to the guiding role of the government, strengthen planning guidance, policy support and financial input, and guide factors such as resources, technology and talents to gather in facility agriculture, so as to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of facility agriculture.

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