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The countermeasure and suggestion of Chinese facility agriculture, integrated development is a way out!

The development of facility agriculture is an important symbol of agricultural modernization and an important construction task of modern agricultural development. Comprehensive use of modern biology, engineering and information technology to improve local environment, provide relatively controllable temperature, humidity, light, water, fertilizer, air and other environmental conditions for animal and plant production, establish a continuous annual production system of animals and plants on limited land, with high-tech content, high input, high yield, high benefit characteristics of modern agricultural production.


Countermeasures and suggestions for developing facility agriculture vigorously

At present, facility agriculture is showing a good momentum of development. However, it should be noted that there is still a certain gap between facility agriculture and developed regions in terms of technical level, product system, factor support, service supporting, technological innovation and other aspects.

1. Strengthen overall planning and regional layout

According to different agricultural ecological areas, the original industrial basic conditions of each county and the level of market demand for products, the facility types, planting varieties, planting patterns and industrial forms should be rationally distributed in different regions. We will focus on developing modern agricultural industrial parks with strong market competitiveness and make good use of the central government's support policies.

Further upgrade the equipment level of solar greenhouses and sheds, and develop order-based fruit and vegetable supply. The province should accelerate the construction of plant factory, solar greenhouse, arch shed facility planting and open field cultivation combined annual supply structure, and gradually form a new pattern of facility agriculture with industrial cluster development, advanced elements gathering and complete industrial chain.


2. Strengthen policy guidance and industry support

We will give priority to supporting factory production of seeds and seedlings, speed up the standardization and standardization of greenhouses, upgrade outdated shed facilities and equipment, and encourage plant factories and digital pastures to upgrade energy conservation and circular economy.

3. Improve the level of facilities, equipment and science and technology research and development

The research and development of different facilities in different regions should be intensified, and the practical, standardization and standardization of facilities should be emphasized. The production facilities should be upgraded from traditional simplicity to high performance. The emphasis should be placed on the development of land saving, energy saving, steel frame and large-space new shelter, and the comprehensive production and emergency support capacity of the facility base should be enhanced.

We will pay attention to research and development of supporting equipment, make full use of modern information technology, control technology, artificial intelligence technology, and the Internet of Things technology, realize intelligent facilities and equipment, and promote digitalization, energy conservation, and green agricultural production. Make full use of the achievements of intelligent equipment in agricultural research institutes and other institutions, and accelerate the integrated application of environmental intelligent regulation, water and fertilizer integration, information monitoring and automatic control and other technical equipment.


4. Guide leading enterprises and service enterprises of facility agriculture

For leading service-oriented facility agriculture enterprises that provide integrated solutions in financial leasing, seed and seedling introduction, base construction, quality control, sales channels, brand creation and other aspects, corresponding policy support will be given in finance, taxation, credit and other aspects. Adhering to the "market-oriented, coordinated and coordinated" approach, we will promote better links between upper, middle and downstream industrial entities and achieve integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

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