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Plant Factory - to revolutionize the future of life

When it comes to the plant factory of the future, we think of the scene in the science fiction movie "The Martian," in which the crew members left on Mars face a crisis of survival due to a strong sandstorm. They transform their dwelling module into a potato farm and survive alone on Mars for more than 500 days before successfully returning to Earth.

This story of growing crops on Mars should be just one of the scenarios for future plant factories to meet the strategic needs of aerospace. In the future, if the earth encounters the aging and expansion event of the sun in the Wandering Earth, the whole solar system will be engulfed by the sun, and during the wandering journey of the earth, the plant factory for crop production must be one of the key projects to save mankind from extinction.


Subverting traditional farming methods and breaking through the influence of external natural climate, plant factories, as a new mode of production, are regarded as an important way to solve population, resources and environmental problems in the 21st century. They can even achieve crop production in non-arable land such as desert, Gobi, island, water surface and buildings. It is also an important means to achieve food self-sufficiency in future space engineering, lunar and other planetary exploration.

Domestic development history of plant factory

Plant factory is an agricultural system with highly integrated technology, and it is also an important agricultural industry form with rapid development in the future. Countries and related companies that already have the technology will not easily let other potential commercial competitors get hold of their core technology. Therefore, the development of our intelligent plant factory must rely on independent research and development, master the core technology, have independent intellectual property rights.

Type of plant plant

Vegetable plant factory

With vegetables as the main product form, it has the characteristics of short production cycle and high product quality. It can produce 15 crops of vegetables every year, which is one hundred times more than soil planting per unit area. At the same time, there is no pesticide, no heavy metal pollution, high-quality vegetables meet the requirements of the national food safety strategy, and meet people's needs for healthy and safe food materials.


Seedling plant factory

The modular multi-layer seedling growth system, multi-layer seedling technology, combined with professional seedling spectrum, high evenness optical design and precision irrigation technology, realize scientific nutrition supply and create a new model of seedling industry. The seedlings have no seedling growth, developed root system and no hormone pesticides. The fruit can be planted 15 days in advance, and the cucumbers can grow in 13 days, tomatoes in 20 days and peppers in 27 days.

Medicinal plant factory

The ultra-clean planting space of medicinal materials plant factory solves the influence of diseases and pests on medicinal plants without applying any pesticides, and can regulate the substrate, water, fertilizer, light and temperature to simulate the planting environment of the authentic producing areas of Chinese medicinal materials, promote the formation and accumulation of the effective components of medicinal materials, and break the regional restrictions of the planting of Chinese medicinal materials. It is characterized by safety, annual production, standardization and stable composition. The polysaccharide of Dendrobium Huoshanensis was 3 times higher than the provincial standard, and the flavonoids were 10 times higher than the provincial standard. In the cultivation of Lucidum chinensis, the characteristic component of Lucidum chinensis was 60% higher than that in the wild, and the flavonoids were 100% higher.


Herbage plant

Grass plant is a plant plant specializing in the production of grass. The production scale can be customized according to the needs of livestock farms. Grass plants can be divided into mobile and fixed types, and the degree of automation can also be selected according to the situation of investors manual, semi-automatic and fully automated. It can be customized according to the client's requirements or based on the client's existing house. It has the characteristics of fresh, sufficient water and easy digestion, which can better regulate the taste and taste of livestock eating, and effectively solve the feed safety problems caused by hormones and antibiotics.

Future prospect

The difference with traditional gardening - plant factories will allow locally grown fresh food to be produced in time and space. Currently, in theory, there is enough food on Earth to feed about 12 billion people, but the way food is distributed around the world is inefficient and unsustainable, according to Agriculture Industry Watch. Food is shipped all over the globe with a significantly reduced shelf life or freshness, and there is always a huge amount of food wasted. The plant factory is a step towards the idea that growing fresh, locally produced food all year round, whatever the weather and external conditions, may even change the face of the food industry.

In the future, plant plant technology will continue to make breakthroughs in key technical fields such as energy saving and environmental management, efficient utilization of resources and intelligent control and control, and form a group of major scientific and technological achievements with international leading level, which will play a bigger role in the development of modern agriculture in our country.

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