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We will accelerate the modernization of facilities and horticulture

Develop modern facility agriculture. We will modernize facility agriculture. China's facility agriculture has a long history, especially since the reform and opening up, has been long-term development, a variety of complete facilities, huge scale, but there are also simple facility structure, low standardization, crop cultivation technology is not standardized, the output per unit area is not high, can not meet the requirements of modernization. In order to meet the growing needs of the people for a better life, it is urgent to implement the modernization of facilities and horticulture.


The development direction of facility horticulture modernization

The central government proposes that modernization should be basically realized in 2035, and the facility horticulture industry should also keep up with the pace of China's social development, improve the modernization level of facility horticulture, develop towards localization, large-scale, standardization, and high-quality, build resource-saving horticulture facilities with regional advantages, and produce high-quality horticultural products that meet the needs of the Chinese people.

Standardization of horticultural facilities and cultivation techniques. It is necessary to develop and formulate facility structure standards and cultivation norms in different regions according to the climate characteristics of various places. It includes the research and specification of the best type and structure of horticultural facilities in different regions, the research and utilization of the reasonable cropping arrangement of the microclimate change law of facilities in different regions, the research of the regulation technology of facility environment, the research of the key technology of the efficient and safe production of facility vegetables, and the research of the efficient operation of facility vegetable enterprises.

Regionalization of cultivated crops and stubble levels. According to the seasonal changes in the environment that can be produced by the temperature and light conditions and types of facilities in different regions, the type and stubble of crops should be arranged on the basis of maximizing energy saving, and the seasons that require a lot of energy for large heating and cooling should be avoided as far as possible, and annual production should not be blindly required.

Specialized production types. According to the local climate characteristics, planting habits and types of facilities, the production of a single variety, the formation of regional scale development, one county, one township, one village; An enterprise with a characteristic, a cooperative with a characteristic variety. Only professional can make quality, only professional can create a brand.


Excellent product quality. Quality products are the key to meet people's needs for a better life and solve consumption problems, and quality can lead to better prices and improve living standards. For vegetables, quality is first of all good palatability, delicious is the first; The second is the appearance of quality, good-looking to form a good price to sell goods; Third, internal quality, pollution-free products are the bottom line.

Our country's facilities horticultural industry to realize modernization soon,

1, provincial artificial mechanization

The light load crane is controlled by PLC system, which can realize the functions of fixed point placement, horizontal transfer and system arrangement of seedling bed. It can be used with the nursery bed cleaning machine to complete the cleaning, stacking and other work, which solves the complexity of manual handling and placement of the nursery bed, saving 80% labor.


2, intelligent seedling

The germination room is designed according to the requirements of the germination environment, seedling breeding, logistics, equipment layout, etc., through the electronic sensing system to intelligently control the temperature and humidity of plant cultivation, forming a multi-level clean space suitable for the germination environment, with the use of elevated lifts, can improve the space utilization rate of the germination room, and the logistics bed system is perfectly connected.


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