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A new pattern of modern agricultural development has been opened up! What are the preliminary preparations for the high-quality development of modern agricultural industrial park?

With the continuous progress of the society, China's agricultural development has been transformed from traditional agriculture to new agriculture, and agricultural modernization development has achieved remarkable achievements. Under the background of the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, the reform of the agricultural supply side structure, and the optimization of the industrial development structure, the development of modern agricultural industrial parks is one of the important ways to meet the requirements of productivity development. Modern agricultural industrial park refers to an agglomeration area that gives priority to the development of modern agriculture within the scope of certain advantages such as resources, industry and location characteristics, so as to form an industrial cluster in a certain space. It is guided by the government and operated by enterprises, and implements intensive production and enterprise management on the basis of large-scale cultivation. A modern agricultural park integrating scientific and technological research and development, agricultural production, leisure tourism, demonstration services, ecological protection, innovation incubation and other functions.


Scientific layout planning of the park

Industrial park construction must have a scientific and reasonable planning, clear construction ideas, clear development direction, in the planning to overall layout of production, processing, research and development, demonstration, service, tourism and other functional sectors, supporting the development of logistics, e-commerce and other industries; Matching with local industrial advantages, development potential, economic location, environmental capacity and resource carrying capacity, meeting the requirements of local economic and social, ecological protection red line and agricultural development planning, and connecting with relevant planning; Water, electricity, road, network, communication and other infrastructure is complete.

Build park brand

The industrial park should have the awareness and system of cultivating, developing, supervising and protecting regional public brands, and improve the brand cultivation mechanism and support and protection system in the development of green food, organic agricultural products and geographical indication products of agricultural products.

Have the concept of facility agriculture development

In the development of drying, storage and cold storage, facilities greenhouses, water and fertilizer integration, livestock and poultry waste resource utilization, straw treatment and other equipment technologies, we must promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural equipment. It is necessary to have advanced concepts of 5G+ smart agriculture.

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Adhere to the combination of agricultural scientific and technological innovation with practical application

It is necessary to have a certain scientific research foundation, establish a scientific research platform with university scientific research units, strengthen collaborative innovation and key core technology research, focus on the key links and prominent problems of industrial development, work hard in key areas and "bottleneck" places, accelerate the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements, and build modern agricultural industrial park into an integrated area with advanced technology and modern facilities and equipment to accelerate the application.

The main body of the park is strong

The main body of the park is the key factor that determines the success or failure of the industrial park construction. The strength of the main body will directly affect the construction of the industrial park. Therefore, strict qualification examination should be carried out on the settled subjects, which must be large enterprises with sound local registration and management system, and leading agricultural enterprises above the provincial level, etc., must have fixed business sites, production personnel and engaged in the industry and have a certain operating income, so as to ensure the scientificity, predictability and accuracy of the project and lay a good foundation for the implementation of the project.

Ensure that carbon emissions meet standards

Adhere to the lead of green transformation, and build a pilot zone for green agricultural development. We will promote cleaner production, support the development of eco-circular agriculture, such as recycling farming, combining land cultivation and cultivation, multi-dimensional management under forests, and conservation tillage, and expand trials of fallow crop rotation. The production mode of the industrial park must reflect the "modernization" and comply with the relevant national and provincial regulations, support the construction of centralized pollution treatment facilities, ensure the synchronous planning, synchronous construction and synchronous use of the agricultural industrial park, especially to promote the construction of sewage treatment facilities and supporting pipe networks, implement the main responsibility of the agricultural industrial park, and ensure the stable discharge of wastewater up to the standard.


Establish a mechanism of close connection between the interests of the park and farmers

By means of ownership, trusteeship, land transfer and employment of the contracted land of farmers, the implementation body of the industrial park and farmers have been promoted to build a stable interest linkage mechanism and increase farmers' income. Establish a mechanism for closely linking interests. We will improve the mechanism for agricultural industrialization to bring benefits to farmers, promote the common development of small farmers through various forms such as purchase orders, guaranteed bottom dividends, secondary rebates, share cooperation, job creation, and village and enterprise docking, and guide farmers to develop agricultural industrialization by taking ownership of land management rights, forest land management rights, and beach farming rights. The assets formed by the financial subsidy funds can be quantified to small farmers and converted into social enterprises if conditions are met.

The high-quality development of modern agricultural industrial park can accelerate the revitalization of rural areas, promote the development of regional economy and industry by increasing the income of farmers, and further promote the development of modern agriculture.

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