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How to jump out of the traditional agricultural thinking and engage in agriculture?

Under the boom of rural revitalization, many people's eyes have begun to focus on agriculture, adding a lot of fresh plays and creativity to agriculture. So in this new era, how to jump out of the traditional agricultural thinking to do agriculture, and open a new pattern for the development of traditional agriculture with low economic benefits, long recycling cycle and high risk?


Development type

1. Technical

Technology-oriented agriculture is modern agriculture, compared with traditional agriculture, is the current agricultural mechanization, automated production lines, drones and other industrial equipment better applied to agriculture, and supplemented by modern scientific management technology, including smart agriculture, digital agriculture.

Smart agriculture is agricultural informatization and agricultural Internet of things to enable agriculture, and agricultural informatization includes field management, production planning, production management (agricultural operation), big data capture, pest identification, intelligent decision-making, to improve agricultural production and management efficiency, and reduce the impact of natural disasters.

Digital agriculture takes information as a factor of agricultural production, and uses modern information technology to visually express, digital design and information management agricultural objects, environment and the whole process. Modern agriculture can also use information technology and digital means to integrate and utilize agricultural production, circulation and operation links, so as to make reasonable use of agricultural resources and reduce production costs. Improve the ecological environment, improve the effect of crop products and quality.

In fact, there are many, such as quantum agriculture, aerospace science and technology agriculture, etc., the development of technology-based agriculture has relatively high requirements for capital investment and technical talents, and is generally suitable for development in the countryside around the big cities or the countryside that can integrate modern agricultural science and technology resources and human resources.


2. Business type

Creative agriculture integrates aesthetic economy, cultural creativity, consumer demand, agricultural cultural and creative product design, agricultural dynamic and static landscape building, etc., turning agricultural scenery into agricultural scenery and agricultural creative products, thereby increasing the added value of agriculture.

Order agriculture is driven by orders, how large the order is, according to the loss estimate, complete agricultural production, and then through processing and logistics, transported to the terminal. It is a good way to match production and marketing and avoid the sale of agricultural products.

Adopted agriculture means that consumers pay production costs in advance, and producers provide consumers with green and organic food. Adopted agriculture establishes a risk-sharing and benefit-sharing mode of production between producers and consumers, helps agricultural producers to adjust planting amount and control price risks in a planned way, and enables consumers to buy better, cheaper and safer agricultural products, so as to better realize the direct connection between rural areas and cities and land and tables.

There are a variety of business models in agriculture, and the key is to find a business model that matches your resources and makes your produce worth selling with high quality and high add-ons.

Development mode

Modern agricultural industrial park, agricultural industrial park strong town, rural complex. Choose the above development direction, one is to obtain more government support; Second, it can comprehensively realize the construction of rural industrial chain and the diversified integration of agricultural, cultural and recreational tourism formats.

No matter which development direction is chosen, the fundamental purpose is to figure out how to develop the countryside, how to get the attention of the government and social capital, and how to attract consumers.

In summary, to engage in agriculture under the rural revitalization strategy, it is necessary to stand on the basis of traditional agriculture, implant modern new agricultural technology, diversified business models, etc., and play more tricks and values in agriculture, so that rural revitalization projects can become the focus and demonstration faster and easier, so as to leverage more resources into the village, and finally achieve a virtuous circle in the countryside.

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