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Glass greenhouse, how to carry out daily maintenance?

The glass greenhouse belongs to the best greenhouse in the greenhouse industry, which is very advanced in terms of appearance, insulation, practicality and energy consumption. Glass greenhouses are mainly used in sightseeing agriculture, leisure agriculture, ecological agricultural parks, nursery greenhouses, flower markets, etc.


1, the greenhouse management personnel first pay attention to observe the main structure of the glass greenhouse, see whether the galvanized steel column of the greenhouse has been damaged galvanized layer, if there is damage repair in time to reduce rust.

2, in time to check the glass greenhouse around and the top of the water leakage phenomenon, if it happens, make a mark. Fix the problem of rain leakage after sunny days.

3, before the rainy season, timely repair the top of the outer sunshade net, whether there is damage.

4. Test the top opening window and insect protection net. Mainly check whether the window opening switch is smooth and sealed, and whether the insect-proof net has loopholes.

5. Check the operation of the cooling system. The main detection direction is whether the wet curtain is blocked in time to dredge, to ensure that the water flow is normal, in order to achieve the purpose of cooling.

6, greenhouse strong current control cabinet, or regular testing. Check whether the leakage protector works normally and whether the control switches work normally.


7. The irrigation equipment of the greenhouse is regularly shut down for maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the irrigation system.

8. For planting beds, inspect them from time to time. Ensure that it is easy to move at all times.

9. When winter comes, repair and maintain the internal heating end of the greenhouse and the heating pipeline and heat source to ensure normal operation.

Summary: The more high-grade greenhouses need to maintain the more work, in order to ensure the normal production of greenhouses. The need for more professional personnel to carry out maintenance work, reduce the occurrence of unnecessary events in greenhouse operations, affecting production. Greenhouse planting is not a simple planting work, but also essential daily maintenance check.

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