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Integration of three industries in agriculture? Melt what? How to melt?

The integration of the three industries is to solve the low added value of the agricultural industry and to extend the agricultural industry chain and value chain. So what is the integration of the three industries, and how should it be integrated?


What is tertiary integration?

The integration of three industries usually refers to the integration of the primary industry (agriculture), the secondary industry (processing and manufacturing) and the tertiary industry (service industry) in rural areas, so as to improve the comprehensive benefits and competitiveness of rural industries.

Primary industry refers to the "agricultural production industry", has always been around agriculture as the core development of various related industries, adhere to agricultural development as the best direction, adhere to the main position of agriculture is not shaken.

Secondary production is the "agricultural product processing industry", which is the sum total of industrial production activities, such as processing and sales of agricultural materials, artificial breeding or wild animal and plant resources as raw materials.

The third industry is the "agricultural product market service industry", that is, extending the industrial chain, expanding the function of agricultural products and enhancing the added value of agriculture, such as agricultural tourism, popular science education, brand display, cultural inheritance and so on.

"Three production integration" is a kind of reform to the traditional agricultural economic model, but also a deep integration, cross-development concept. That is to say, on the basis of the development of agricultural industrialization, the concept of the first, second and third industries will be integrated, the industrialization and standardized production concept of the second industry and the people-oriented service concept of the third industry will be introduced into the development of the primary industry, forming an interactive and integrated development model of "one production one after another".

How to integrate the three industries?

1. Industrial chain integration: organic integration of agricultural production, processing, sales and other links to form a complete industrial chain. For example, the development of agricultural products processing industry, deep processing of agricultural products, increase the added value; Establish direct marketing channels for agricultural products, reduce intermediate links and reduce costs.

2. Functional integration: Integrate all kinds of rural resources, give play to the versatility of agriculture, and develop emerging industries such as leisure agriculture, rural tourism, and agro-ecological parks. For example, make use of the beautiful natural environment in rural areas, develop tourism such as farmhouse, home stay, etc., to attract urban residents to rural consumption.

3. Technology integration: Promote the application of modern agricultural technology to improve agricultural production efficiency. For example, modern equipment and technologies such as agricultural Internet of Things technology, drones, and intelligent agricultural machines are promoted to improve agricultural production efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve the quality of agricultural products.

4. Main body integration: Cultivate and develop new agricultural business entities such as leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, farmers' cooperatives and family farms, and guide all types of business entities to establish close cooperative relations and realize complementary advantages.

5. Policy integration: Formulate and improve relevant policies and measures to create favorable conditions for the integration of rural three industries. For example, we will introduce fiscal, tax and financial support policies to support the development of rural industries. We will improve infrastructure construction and improve the ability to support the development of rural industries.


Development proposal

The interactive promotion of the integration of three industries not only requires "hard" conditions, such as the development of appropriate scale management through land transfer, land ownership, land trusteeship, etc., to improve agricultural labor productivity and mechanization; It is also necessary to improve the "soft" conditions, actively promote the adjustment of agricultural structure, rely on scientific and technological support, shift from production orientation to consumption orientation, advocate new concepts, new talents, new technologies and new mechanisms for agricultural modernization, increase investment and promotion of agricultural science and technology, innovate agricultural investment and financing mechanisms, and form a virtuous circle of agricultural talents, technologies and funds.

Based on the versatility of agriculture, we should pay attention to both horizontal and vertical integration. Vertical integration is mostly carried out along the industrial chain, while horizontal integration is mostly based on agricultural versatility. Expand the new ideas of the integration of agriculture and other industries, and enrich the ways and methods of the integration of rural three industries.

From the four levels of technological innovation, cultivating agricultural production and operation subjects, stimulating market demand and government external policies, we will take multiple measures to effectively promote the in-depth development of the integration of rural three industries in China. First, accelerate the innovation of agricultural technology, build the service platform of agricultural science and technology, and stimulate the rapid development of the integration of rural three industries; Second, vigorously support and cultivate new types of agricultural production and operation subjects, and solve their problems of capital, land, policy and other constraints. The third is to actively promote green and healthy modern production and consumption patterns, and guide consumers to increase the consumption level of rural three-industry integrated products and services. Fourth, it is necessary to strengthen the national unified planning, while mobilizing the enthusiasm of local areas, according to the needs of the integrated development of rural three industries, formulate agricultural development plans and policies and measures according to local conditions, improve the food quality and safety system as soon as possible, strengthen the legal system, and create a superior external environment for the integration of rural three industries.

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