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Through the summary of 2023, what will the vegetable industry be like this year?

Vegetable industry is an important part of agriculture, and its development can promote the adjustment of agricultural structure, optimize residents' diet structure, increase farmers' income and improve people's living standards.

China is not only a big country of vegetable production, but also a big country of vegetable consumption. In our country, vegetables are the crops with the most extensive cultivation area and the most important economic status besides food crops.

For friends who do vegetables, "summary" is still easy to do, after all, is what has happened, the result is here, but to do "plan" is a little difficult, because the whole vegetable industry is unpredictable, so that people really too difficult to see the direction. So you can imagine the dilemma: Do it or not? Should we aggressively expand the size or cautiously reduce the area? Do we continue to do the original breed or change our luck? In short, we have too many problems for the vegetable industry to see clearly.


About planting scale

From the feedback of various aspects in the past few years, the future planting area is still increasing. The planting area of vegetables in 2024 will not decrease, only increase, and those who expect others to withdraw from their own insistence may have to continue to stick to it. And now big farms and big bases are popping up. Among the growing acreage of vegetables, the number of small farmers may be reduced, because there are already so many people growing vegetables, and there is not much to increase.

Although with the pressure of vegetable prices and the increase of the average age of vegetable farmers, it is a trend to gradually decrease; However, it is estimated that large farms and large bases will continue to increase, on the one hand, the original small households will expand the scale, on the other hand, the new agricultural enterprises will supplement the large area, after all, the large-scale agricultural model is not only everyone's dream, but also the direction of the industry.

About vegetable market

The overall vegetable market is close to 2023. According to the current vegetable production and market demand, the development of the vegetable market in 2024 should be able to maintain the current level before the Spring Festival, and there will not be too much fluctuation; If the temperature rises again after the Spring Festival, the market will enter a downturn stage; Next in the summer rain and autumn and winter drought state, the market has a chance to restore reasonable. However, because the overall planting scale is still too large, the approximate market is not estimated to be better than 2023, and the possibility of relatively close is greater.

About variety direction

The variety of vegetables will be more and more abundant. Now we are more and more feeling that although the sales volume of some conventional vegetable varieties is still very large, the planting scale is also very large, and it is the hardest hit area of unsalable. On the contrary, now some new varieties are more and more welcomed by the market, and the price has remained good. More and more agricultural people also understand that in today's agriculture, if everyone can grow varieties, the price has basically been decided. Therefore, it is believed that new varieties of vegetables will continue to emerge in 2024, and the whole will be more abundant.

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About slow sales

Consumers have higher and higher requirements for the quality of vegetables, green vegetables, organic vegetables and other high-quality vegetables are increasingly popular in the market, and vegetable production is transforming from quantity to quality. Therefore, the total amount of vegetables in the structural, regional and seasonal aspects of the obvious surplus, to win the quality is undoubtedly the vegetable planting industry to a new level of the way out.

These are just guesses, the change may be only a little, perhaps it is difficult to appear, it is possible, so farmers must be based on their own situation, their own independent analysis.

For the vegetable industry in 2024 is still cautiously optimistic, after all, the wisdom and adaptability of the Chinese people is very strong, we have received a lot of lessons in the past few years, I believe that there will be a lot of solutions. And in the overall planting costs and consumer prices continue to rise, as everyone's three meals a day essential vegetable products, can not be depressed forever, so we must be full of confidence in the future.

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