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How long will the cold temperatures last? Vegetable winter management do this!

The large-scale cooling process brought by the current cold wave weather is still continuing, and the temperature of the northern Guangxi to the southern Fujian will still hit a new low in a large area, and the low temperature will be maintained until around 26 days ago. In order to reduce the adverse impact of cooling on greenhouse vegetables, each base should attach great importance to strengthening the management of cold insulation of vegetables.


First, do a good job of vegetable greenhouse insulation measures

1. Close the vents early. To carefully observe the temperature in the shed, when the temperature reaches the highest point in the shed, and gradually begins to fall, close all the vents, close the temperature at noon in the greenhouse, and generally close all the vents at 2-3 PM. As long as the temperature in the greenhouse does not exceed 35 ° C and the humidity does not exceed 65%, the tuyere can not be opened. The temperature is low, the humidity is high, the top vent can be opened for a short time, and the humidity will be closed immediately.

2, greenhouse outer film insulation measures. The sealing of the greenhouse outer film is the key measure to deal with low temperature, the outer film is not strictly sealed, and all other measures can not deal with the harm of low temperature to crops!

In winter, some of the loosely closed vents can be fixed with tape, especially the vents on both sides, and more than half of the top vents in the entire greenhouse can completely complete the requirements of air exchange, moisture drainage and cooling in winter, and each business subject can be flexible according to the situation.

Second, do a good job of vegetable greenhouse temperature management

1. Temperature control.

During the day, when the temperature is high, ventilation is carried out, and only the vent of the outer film needs to be opened to achieve the temperature ventilation effect. If the moisture in the two films needs to be eliminated, each shed only needs to open the film clamp on one side of the two arch films, and a few gaps can be opened to achieve better ventilation and moisture removal. Note: Ventilation should be carried out when the temperature in the greenhouse rises above 34 ° C, mainly to increase the temperature in the greenhouse during the day to increase the temperature at night.

2, emergency heating. Prepare heating materials such as heating blocks and solid alcohol for heating to facilitate timely heating. The use of fuel heating, in particular to remind the base personnel must pay attention to safety, the next day before the personnel into the greenhouse to ventilation for more than half an hour before entering the shed, to prevent the occurrence of hypoxia poisoning accidents. Do not use smoke producing fuel, smoke is easy to cause damage.

(1) In rainy days, although the temperature of the greenhouse is reduced, but because the ground temperature is relatively constant, the cooling speed at night is relatively slow, in order to reduce the humidity of the ash mold, the air inlet can be opened at noon and the second film top can be opened in alternate rows for a short time to discharge humidity, but it is necessary to consider the maximum effort to keep warm, and the night heating can be determined by the greenhouse manager.

(2) On sunny days, the temperature in the greenhouse decreases faster, it is recommended to be heated when it is reduced to about 5 ° C, with the four surrounding areas as the focus, and 3-5 heating points can be set per acre. On sunny days, it is necessary to strengthen the observation of temperature from around 8 p.m. and carry out heating protection in time. On windy nights, it is advisable to heat in the windward position, where the energy loses quickly and the temperature is lower.


Third, do a good job of vegetable greenhouse cultivation management

1. Water when necessary.

(1) Choose good weather to pour water. To water the well, it is best not to water the surface water. To water fertilizer, it is best to use high potassium fertilizer.

(2) Try not to water at low temperatures. If the plant is short of water, it can be used to pour small amounts of water with a dropper in the morning when the weather is clear, which can avoid reducing the ground temperature.

(3) After the water vapor on the film flows down, the ditch should be cleared and drained in time to keep the shed dry.

(4) Before the predicted low temperature comes, seize the good weather to properly water or pour irrigation water with higher temperature (well water, etc.) to improve the ability of plants to prevent freezing.

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