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Development mode and five operating modes of modern agricultural industrial park

At present, China's agriculture has entered a period of upgrading the development power, transforming the development mode, and optimizing the development structure. The modern agricultural industrial Park has set a new benchmark for the modernization of agriculture with Chinese characteristics, built a new platform for leading the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, explored a breakthrough for cultivating new driving forces for the development of agricultural and rural economy, explored a new mechanism for the sustainable increase of farmers' income, and opened up a new way for promoting the integrated development of urban and rural areas.


I. Significance of modern agricultural industrial park construction

1, typical demonstration role

The modern agricultural park is the display window of modern agriculture, the incubator of the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements, the production base of ecological safe food, the expo park of modern agricultural information, technology and varieties, and the inevitable choice to improve rural economic benefits and farmers' income. The modern agricultural park is characterized by beautiful environment, advanced facilities, advanced technology, excellent new varieties, efficient opening, representing the development direction of modern harmonious agriculture, and is a highlight project to realize the construction of new socialist countryside.

2. Grasp of modern agriculture

Modern agricultural parks are an important carrier and starting point for the development of modern agriculture. Learning from the operation and management concept of industrial parks, relying on the carrier of industrial parks, promoting the concentration of agricultural production factors to the park, the concentration of advantageous industries to the park, and promoting agricultural industrialization and multi-functional management are the only way to agricultural modernization, and an important means to accelerate the construction of new rural areas and increase farmers' income. It is also the fundamental way to implement the scientific outlook on development and promote the transformation of economic development mode. On the basis of past development, we will constantly sum up experience, strengthen the construction of urban modern agricultural parks, and plan and build a number of national, provincial and municipal modern agricultural parks with high standards.

3. Carrier of industrial agglomeration

Developing industrialization is the only way to realize agricultural modernization, and large-scale production is the inherent requirement of agricultural industrialization. The decentralized management of one household and the fighting of agricultural enterprises alone can no longer meet the requirements of the new stage of agricultural development. To develop modern agriculture, we must break regional boundaries, break through scale advantages, and take the road of regional agricultural layout, integrated management and cooperative production. The park has added a new footnote to the development of modern agriculture by vigorously developing industrial management. Through the implementation of brand strategy, constantly improve the quality of agricultural products and market competitiveness; Driven by leading enterprises, the driving force of agricultural industrialization development is continuously condensed; We will promote industrial upgrading and continue to attract farmers to become industrial workers.

Second, the development mode of modern agricultural park

The modern agricultural park is characterized by technology-intensive development, demonstration, radiation and popularization of science and technology, and aims at promoting the adjustment of regional agricultural structure and industrial upgrading. Constantly broaden the scope of park construction, break the form of a single factory, greenhouse cultivation model, the various forms around agricultural science and technology can play a role in different production subjects, and around the leading industries, advantageous regions to promote farmers' income are included in the scope of park construction.


Third, the operation mode of modern agricultural park

1. Idea-oriented model

The biggest feature of the idea-oriented model is that it relies on creative ideas, combines the development trend of The Times and fashion elements, and gives agriculture and rural development themes with distinctive characteristics of The Times. The idea-oriented model needs to grasp social popular elements in a timely manner, such as the absorption and practice of new life and ecological concepts such as "happy life", "Third space", "Soon-to-live era", "ecological community", "Green Cube", and "low-carbon era", so as to play a regional demonstration role. The model also requires the project area to have the relevant agricultural brand foundation, concept and culture foundation; In terms of location, most of them are located in the suburbs of metropolitan areas, so that they can have both cultural heritage and market basis.

2. Cultural creative model

Cultural creativity requires that the project area has one or more outstanding agricultural civilization and folk culture accumulation. On the basis of traditional folk culture, extract core elements, docking social development trends, aiming at regional market demand, relying on leisure tourism, develop a creative agricultural development model with folk culture leisure as the development form. Many regions have rich folk cultural traditions, and the options for creative development are diverse, but not all of them are suitable. Only the cultural elements that conform to the trend of The Times, closely related to the concept of The Times and consumer demand, are the best resources.

3. Product-oriented model

This model focuses on the creative development of characteristic agricultural products. Through creativity in product design and marketing, retain the natural and ecological excellent quality of agricultural products, integrate cultural and creative elements, connect with the popular consumption trend of health and quality, double improve the quality and brand of the original agricultural and sideline products, give agricultural products the honorary label of the new era, and connect with local geography to form a solidified brand of "special products of special origin". Maximize the benefits of creative agriculture.

4. Market expansion model

The development of market-oriented creative agriculture is promoted by the strong market demand. This kind of creative agriculture does not have the necessary requirements for the traditional agricultural basis, but is more guided by the regional market, grasp the market trend, and develop specific rural agricultural products or related rural leisure activities that are popular in the market. The market expansion mode gets rid of the "Red Sea strategy" of the price war of resource consumption and expands the leisure market space with the increase of consumer surplus, so as to achieve a win-win situation between farmers and consumers.

5. Industrial integration model

The industry-oriented model makes full use of the existing agricultural industry foundation in rural areas, extends development, selects the appropriate entities in the secondary and tertiary industries, elevates the level of the original agricultural industry, extends the original agricultural industry chain, and realizes the evolution and creative development of the industry.

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