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How to build a modern agricultural park with the theme of smart agriculture?

The design concept of Smart agricultural Park is a comprehensive concept, which integrates a variety of advanced technologies and concepts, aiming to promote the development of modern, intelligent, green and efficient agriculture, in order to adapt to the changing market demand and social environment.

Intelligent management

Using modern scientific and technological means and agricultural machinery and equipment, the intelligent management of the park is realized. This includes intelligent irrigation system, intelligent fertilization system, intelligent pest control system, real-time monitoring and regulation through sensors, big data, artificial intelligence and other technical means to improve the production efficiency and product quality of the park.

Green environmental protection and sustainable development

Focus on green environmental protection and sustainable development. Agricultural production in the park should follow the principles of ecology, pay attention to the protection of ecological environment and biodiversity, adopt scientific planting techniques and measures, reduce the application amount of chemical substances such as fertilizers and pesticides, and improve the safety and health of agricultural products. At the same time, the park should also focus on the use of renewable energy to reduce dependence on traditional energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Balance of economic benefits and social benefits

The agricultural production in the park needs to meet the market demand, select crops and breeding varieties with high economic value and market competitiveness, and adopt modern agricultural management and operation mode to improve the added value and market competitiveness of agricultural products. In addition, the park also needs to focus on interaction and cooperation with local communities, promote farmers' income and rural economic development, and promote rural revitalization and urban-rural integration.

Smart agricultural park construction ideas

Data acquisition: Smart farming relies on a variety of sensors to collect environmental data, such as soil moisture, air temperature and humidity, and light intensity. This data is transmitted to the control center in real time to inform decisions.

Data analysis: In the control center, this data is analyzed by the algorithms of the Smart agriculture software. These algorithms can identify environmental trends, predict future conditions, and adjust the operating state of agricultural equipment accordingly.

Automatic control: Based on the results of data analysis, intelligent agriculture systems can automatically adjust environmental parameters, such as irrigation, fertilization, temperature, etc., to meet the needs of crop growth. This greatly reduces the need for manual intervention and improves production efficiency.

Decision support: Intelligent agriculture systems can also provide decision support, such as recommending the best planting plan, predicting market prices, etc. This helps farmers make more informed decisions and improve yields.

Remote monitoring: Through the Internet of Things technology, farmers can remotely monitor the situation of the farm and grasp the status of crop growth and equipment operation in real time. This allows farmers to participate in agricultural production at any time and anywhere.

Intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment: including precision sowing, fertilization, irrigation, harvesting and other mechanical equipment, these equipment adopts advanced technology, can achieve accurate positioning, automatic operation, improve agricultural production efficiency and quality.

Agricultural information management: Through the establishment of an information management system, the digital and intelligent management of the whole process of agricultural production has been realized, including production planning, resource management, production monitoring, quality traceability, etc., and the level of refinement and standardization of agricultural production has been improved.

Smart agricultural operation

Agricultural operation: Agricultural operation opens up the circulation system of agricultural products market based on the docking of production and marketing, builds the e-commerce trading system of agricultural products, and provides online sales channels for agricultural products, tourism gifts and other commodities.

E-commerce transaction: set up e-commerce transaction management background to achieve unified management of members, orders, goods and other data; Integrated product traceability services to achieve the source of goods can be traced, the destination can be traced, the responsibility can be traced, to achieve the forward tracking and reverse tracing two functions.

Logistics system: Establish a whole-process logistics system covering agricultural products planting, production, processing, transportation, storage, platform, sales and other links to form an integrated industrial chain. The online supply chain platform for deep-processing agricultural products achieves regional production and marketing connection, and village-level administrators participate in the construction and operation of the platform to promote the development of local agricultural products industry chain.

Agricultural services: Provide data monitoring and management services for agricultural machinery management, planting management, aquaculture management, and agricultural technology guidance, and open the online and offline two-hand mode. Continue to do a good job in agricultural science and technology services, actively carry out agricultural technical consultation, technical training, agricultural knowledge dissemination and other services, conducive to the stable development of agricultural industry, expand the industrial chain, promote agricultural efficiency, farmers to increase income.

Smart agri-tourism

Smart agri-tourism is an application of technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and intelligent data mining in agri-tourism experience, industrial development, and agricultural management, which makes agri-tourism resources highly systematic integration and in-depth development, and serves all new forms of smart agri-leisure tourism.

With the core of providing efficient agricultural tourism experience services, the smart agricultural Park builds a networked, one-stop smart agricultural tourism service platform, which has the function of monitoring and management of tourism resources in the park, and assists the park to carry out services such as smart tourism, characteristic agricultural products, and leisure farm music.

At the same time, the park takes smart tourism as a highlight to attract tourists and consumers to the park for a full range of intelligent experience. While producing high economic benefits, the park has turned into an integrated platform of "production, learning, research and promotion" of smart agriculture, which has played a role in demonstrating and promoting smart agriculture.

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