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What are the advantages of facility agriculture?

Facility vegetables, farmer friends know what it is? Think about it, there must be the concept of the shed, in fact, in the facility to the healthy growth of the plant itself as the center, the implementation of the effective control of the cultivation environmental conditions including temperature, soil and air humidity and soil nutrient supply, fully mobilize the plant itself disease resistance, improve the robustness of the plant, to reduce the use of pesticides, improve product safety and quality.


Greenhouse agriculture is an agricultural production method in which crops are grown in a closed indoor environment. Greenhouses, usually made of glass or plastic film, can control factors such as temperature, humidity and light to provide an ideal growing environment for crops. Greenhouse agriculture can expand the growing season of plants, improve yield and quality, and reduce environmental pollution and water waste, thereby creating an environment suitable for crop growth.

1. Efficient output

Agriculture becomes a sustainable industry. Agricultural development itself is sustainable. As long as ecological agriculture, organic agriculture, green agriculture and other technologies and models are widely adopted to realize sustainable utilization of agricultural resources and achieve a virtuous cycle of regional ecology, agriculture itself will become a good recyclable ecosystem.

2. Stabilize output

Facility agriculture can use modern technical means to control the production environment and improve the production quality and stability. The use of greenhouses and other facilities to regulate the climate and temperature can reduce the interference of the external environment, and the yield is more stable.


3. Save resources

We will modernize agricultural science and technology. Extensive use of advanced agricultural science and technology, biotechnology and production models to improve the quality of agricultural products, reduce production costs, in order to meet the market demand for high-quality agricultural products, diversification, standardization of the development trend.

4. Environmentally sustainable

The use of modern technical means in facility agriculture can effectively reduce the emission of pollutants and play a positive role in environmental protection. At the same time, facility agriculture adopts a recycling method, which can recycle waste and sewage to the greatest extent, reducing resource waste and environmental pollution.

Accelerating the pace of modern agriculture construction is conducive to liberating and developing the rural productive forces, improving the comprehensive production capacity and efficiency of agriculture, and has important practical significance for promoting the all-round development of agricultural economy. In the future development, facility agriculture will become the mainstream mode of agricultural production, creating a richer and better life for human beings.

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