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The start of spring today

At 16:27 Beijing time on February 4, 2024

The first of the 24 solar terms

Beginning of Spring

A year's plan begins with spring

Standing, is the meaning of "beginning"; Spring represents warmth and growth.

Spring returns to the earth and everything revives


The 24 solar terms were originally formulated according to the "rotation of the stars", and when the handle of the Big Dipper pointed to the Yin position, it was the beginning of spring. The current solar term is based on the number of degrees of the sun's longitude, when the sun reaches 315° of the yellow longitude for the beginning of spring, in the Gregorian calendar February 3-5 festival.

The beginning of spring, is the beginning of the 24 solar terms, "the beginning of spring, a hundred grass back bud", after the beginning of spring, the snow and ice melt, grass bud germination, bud gradually gestation, everything in the new breath. Spring presents itself in front of us with its unique attitude, bringing new hope and vitality. This is the beginning of the season.

【 Climate characteristics 】

Returning to cold is the biggest climatic feature during the Start of Spring.


【 Precautions for greenhouse management after the Start of Spring 】

(1) Pay attention to the insulation of the shed, the temperature gradually warms up after the start of spring, but the temperature is unstable and prone to reverse spring cold. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to weather changes at any time, take heat preservation and warm measures in time to prevent freezing damage.

(2) Strengthen the ventilation management of the shed, after the beginning of spring, with the increase of sunshine time, the temperature rises, the humidity in the shed increases, in order to reduce the occurrence of diseases and pests, to meet the requirements of the growth and development of melons and vegetables environmental conditions, we must seriously do a good job in the shed temperature and humidity management, depending on the weather changes and plant growth conditions, do a good job in opening and film ventilation, closing the door and cover film insulation management.

(3) Strengthen water and fertilizer management, crops enter a rapid growth period after the start of spring, and the demand for water and fertilizer increases, so the amount and frequency of watering and fertilization should be appropriately increased, and trace elements such as calcium fertilizer and borax fertilizer should be added to increase plant resistance.

(4) To prevent vain growth and flourish, the temperature rises after the start of spring, which is prone to vain growth and flourish. It is necessary to timely control the growth by reducing the temperature, increasing the light, widening the temperature difference between day and night, and achieve the purpose of cultivating healthy plants and preserving flowers and fruits by controlling the growth.

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