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The "technological basket" enriches modern agriculture

Since the 18th National Congress, the Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the stable supply of food and other important agricultural products, all over the "basket" product production development, market circulation, quality supervision, regulation and security work, "basket" product supply capacity and level continue to improve, farmers more and more money, the people's table food color is more and more sufficient, small basket carried out a full sense of security and happiness.


The supply capacity of "vegetable basket" has been significantly increased

The quality of supply has been continuously improved

Whether the basket is stable and whether the people's table is rich is a major concern for people's livelihood. With a population of 1.4 billion, China consumes 1.92 million tons of vegetables every day. Especially in recent years, with the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for eating are not only to eat enough, but also to pursue fine eating fresh eating well.

In the past ten years, while ensuring the tight "grain bag", China has constantly adjusted and optimized the industrial structure to ensure the effective supply of "vegetable basket" and "fruit plate", with more diversified varieties and continuous optimization and upgrading of quality.

Data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that in this decade, China's vegetable production increased by nearly 26% to 775 million tons, which greatly enriched people's tables.

The "vegetable basket" can not be stable without agricultural scientific and technological innovation. Relying on modern agricultural technologies such as digitalization and intelligence to improve farming efficiency, promote the transformation and upgrading of the vegetable industry, create smart agriculture, and ensure stable and efficient "vegetable basket".

Explore the technology in the basket

The small "vegetable basket" connects the city and the countryside, and relates to everyone. In recent years, with smart agriculture as the starting point, China has promoted new varieties, new technologies and new planting models, and continuously improved the planting level of green vegetables, which has effectively boosted agricultural efficiency and farmers' income.


To improve the quality and efficiency of agriculture, we must carry out standardized planting. With the application of smart agriculture becoming more and more mature, the composition of various application modules is also rich and perfect, especially in recent years, intelligent greenhouse planting has brought great convenience to improve people's management and living standards, and has been rapidly promoted and applied.

The core value of intelligent greenhouse is to improve the output of various agricultural products, improve the quality of varieties, make the planting process can be automatically adjusted intelligently, and integrate the Internet of Things technology to save time and effort for managers.

The core goal of the intelligent greenhouse control system is to control, maintain and collect key links such as temperature, humidity, illuminance, CO2 concentration, watering control and fertilization control in the planting environment, maintain a more scientific and beneficial environment, realize that traditional artificial control methods are difficult to meet the requirements of scientific and reasonable planting, and break through the "interference" of weather on agriculture. The vegetable planting and supply of the base can be as stable and controllable as the production of industrial products.

The "basket" is not big, it contains public opinion; Although the "dish" is small, it holds the people's hearts. "Basket" inserted the wings of science and technology, so that modern agriculture has a appearance level and more output value, and firmly guarded the people's table.

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