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You said the solar greenhouse is good, he said the greenhouse is good, how to choose the greenhouse style? You'll understand after you read it

In daily life, when introducing the greenhouse style to agricultural growers, there is always a contradictory problem, that is, the concern and blind follow of the advantages and disadvantages of the greenhouse and the greenhouse. Today, from the practicality of the greenhouse and the future development trend and the advantages and disadvantages of the greenhouse to give you an analysis of how to choose.

First, a greenhouse

Multiplex greenhouse is an upgrade of the greenhouse, in fact, it is a super greenhouse, the original independent single-room greenhouse, with scientific means, reasonable design, excellent materials to connect the original independent single-room mode greenhouse. Each round arch (or several spires) of the greenhouse is a span, and multiple spans are connected together through the gutter to form a plurality of multi-greenhouse greenhouses. Conventional multi-storey greenhouses span from east to west and open rooms from north to south. Kaijian is the distance between the north and south columns.


1, the liberation of labor productivity, we say the development trend is in the field of facility agriculture planting, from the grass felt earth wall greenhouses more than ten years ago, bamboo and wood greenhouses to the later steel frame structure greenhouses, and then the rise of automated greenhouse reflects the vegetable greenhouses are more and more advanced, the use of less and less labor, and the technical content is getting higher and higher.

2, improve the utilization rate of land, followed by the land use rate of multi-greenhouse basically reached more than 95%, which is particularly important in our country with less land and more people.

3. Create a microclimate suitable for plant growth in recent years

Haze weather, acid rain weather, dust, etc., will have a great impact on the quality of our vegetable planting products. Our multi-storey greenhouses can form a semi-closed closed climate environment to prevent mosquitoes, bacteria and the harm caused by the above bad weather, reduce the use of pesticides, and improve the quality and appearance of agricultural products.

4, the greenhouse can still be normal in summer for crop production and seedling cultivation and other autumn preparations.

Three, the shortcomings of the greenhouse

For the winter production of multi-storey greenhouses in northeast China and North China, it is necessary to have heating equipment to meet the night production. However, with the installation of double-layer film greenhouses and internal thermal insulation quilt, the thermal insulation performance of multi-storey greenhouses will be better and better.

Fourth, solar greenhouse

1. Advantages

The solar greenhouse we say here refers to the winter warm solar greenhouse with sunken earth wall, which uses the back wall as a heat storage medium to absorb heat during the day and dissipate heat at night. So that in the northern region of the winter vegetable production, without heating can be achieved.


2. Disadvantages

Solar greenhouses have very low land use. Solar greenhouses can not be fully equipped with shading and cooling equipment, can not be used in summer, and need to be stuffy in summer. Solar greenhouses are not convenient for accurate mechanization.

5. Comprehensive introduction and analysis

If you want to do mechanization, science and technology, large-scale production, then the first choice is multi-greenhouse greenhouse, if it is only a few acres of winter winter vegetable production, then you can choose solar greenhouse. At the same time, flower production and seedling breeding have high technical requirements for year-round, scale, temperature and humidity and lighting, so most of them use multi-storey greenhouses.

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