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The development of digital agriculture is the core of agricultural modernization

The rapid development of artificial intelligence, 5G, the Internet of Things, big data and other information technologies has promoted the digital transformation in all fields of economy and society, and the pace of global digitalization has been unstoppable, and the new form of digital economy will be an important trend guide to boost global economic development.


Digital agriculture is a modern agriculture that uses information as a factor of agricultural production, and uses modern information technology to visualize, digital design and information management of agricultural objects, environments and the whole process. Digital agriculture promotes agricultural modernization mainly in three aspects:

First, we will promote the transition from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. China's traditional agriculture is based on small-scale peasant economy, digital agriculture relying on new information technology, can comprehensively deepen the "ploughing, middle, management, harvest" each link, facilitate agricultural information exchange and information sharing, so as to change the previous agricultural production and management mode, accelerate the transformation to modern agriculture.

Second, it will help optimize and upgrade the industrial structure. Scientific management of agricultural production, storage and transportation, circulation and trading through information technology to provide integrated decision-making for the agricultural industry chain.

Third, we will increase the efficiency of agricultural production. The integration of digital technology into every link of agricultural production can achieve agricultural precision production, reduce agricultural production risks and costs, and also make the agricultural production process more energy saving and environmental protection.

In general, digital agriculture enables the effective integration of information technology and all aspects of agriculture, which is of great significance to the transformation of traditional agriculture and the transformation of agricultural production mode. It can promote the highly specialized and large-scale agricultural production, build a complete agricultural production system, and realize the trinity of agricultural education, scientific research and promotion, which is conducive to improving agricultural production efficiency. We will modernize agriculture.

Digital countryside is a process of rural modernization development and transformation derived from the application of networking, digitization and informatization in the economic and social development of agriculture and rural areas, as well as the improvement of farmers' modern information skills. It follows the governance concept of people-oriented, open sharing and overall coordination, and uses digital technology as a tool. The construction model of rural production, life, ecology and other aspects of digital reconstruction.

In the era of digital transformation, empowering modern agriculture with digital economy is the focus of development in the next stage, and it is also the key to comprehensively promote rural revitalization and accelerate the development of agricultural and rural modernization.

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