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How should vegetable farmers deal with the changeable weather in early spring? Please accept these management measures

Spring is the stage of recovery of all things, at this time many greenhouse vegetable varieties have already begun to sow, seedling, planting, this stage is the key stage of vegetable growth, but because of the spring temperature change, so scientific management methods are particularly important.


1. Temperature management

Greenhouse vegetable varieties are mainly warm vegetables and a few heat-resistant vegetables, such as cucumber, tomato, eggplant, pepper, etc., the appropriate temperature for photosynthesis of these vegetables is 20℃~30℃. The temperature requirement is lower in the early growth stage (early flowering stage, early fruit stage), and higher in the later stage (full fruit stage). Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to temperature control, the daytime temperature generally does not exceed 30 ° C, the temperature in the greenhouse at night is kept at 15 ° C ~20 ° C as far as possible, and when the minimum temperature of the outside night is higher than 15 ° C, it is ventilated all night.

2, ventilation to reduce humidity

Spring temperature is gradually rising, greenhouse vegetables have gradually entered the rapid growth period, requiring sufficient soil moisture to meet the needs of vegetable growth. The air humidity in the greenhouse should not be too high, easy to breed disease. It is necessary to strengthen ventilation, reduce humidity, and try to ventilate as much as possible under the condition of temperature. Set the vent in a sheltered place, otherwise it is easy to flash seedlings. When irrigation is short of water in the field, flood irrigation should be avoided.

3, improve the light intensity

Greenhouse vegetables need to ensure sufficient light to promote the growth and development of plants. Reflective film or reflective paper can be used in the greenhouse to increase the light intensity and improve the efficiency of photosynthesis. In addition, you can also install lighting to increase the intensity of the light

4. Reasonable irrigation

In order to ensure the growth and development of greenhouse vegetables, reasonable irrigation is needed. In the irrigation should pay attention to the following points: irrigation time should be selected in the morning or evening, avoid irrigation at noon or when the sun is strong, so as to avoid vegetable leaf damage. The amount of irrigation should be appropriate, not too much or too little, and should be adjusted according to the growth of vegetables and weather conditions. Irrigation should be uniform to avoid too much or too little water. Before irrigation, check whether the irrigation pipe is blocked to avoid water loss.


5. Harvest in time

The growth and development rate of greenhouse vegetables is faster, and mature fruits should be harvested in time to avoid the over-age and over-ripening of fruits that affect the yield and quality. At the same time, it is also necessary to remove the fruits of diseases and pests in time to avoid the spread of diseases and ensure the health and safety of the environment in the greenhouse.

All in all, greenhouse farmers should strengthen management around the cultivation of strong seedlings, planting preparation and later work, in order to mention the yield and quality of greenhouse vegetable production.

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