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How to deploy "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" in the government work report

Premier Li Qiang delivers a report on the work of the government to the second session of the 14th National People's Congress on March 5, 2019. What are the main targets for 2024? What are the macro policies, "agriculture, rural areas", and requirements related to supply and marketing cooperatives? Let's see!

Key expected targets for 2024

GDP will increase by around 5%

Over 12 million new urban jobs will be created

The CPI will rise by around 3%

China's grain output exceeded 50 million metric tons

Energy consumption per unit of GDP will be cut by about 2.5%

Policy orientation

We must adhere to steady progress, promote stability through progress, and establish first before breaking.

The proactive fiscal policy should be appropriately intensified and improved in quality and efficiency

Prudent monetary policy should be flexible, appropriate, precise and effective

We will make our macro policies more consistent

Rural reform and development

We will deepen reform of the rural land system and launch a pilot project to extend the second round of land contracts for another 30 years after they expire.

We will deepen reforms of collective property rights, collective forest rights, land reclamation, supply and marketing cooperatives, and promote the development of a new type of rural collective economy.

We will develop new types of agricultural businesses and provide social services, and make good use of rural personnel.

We will deepen the rural development campaign, strengthen the construction of charging piles, cold chain logistics, and delivery and distribution facilities, continue to improve the living environment in rural areas, and build a livable, viable and beautiful countryside.

Grain and important agricultural products

We will ensure stable production and supply of grain and major agricultural products. We will stabilize the area sown with grain, consolidate the results of soybean planting, and increase yields per unit area on a large scale.

We will raise the minimum purchase price for wheat by an appropriate amount, implement nationwide insurance policies on the production costs and income of the three major grains, and improve the mechanism for ensuring the income of grain farmers.

We will increase support for major grain-producing counties and improve the mechanism for compensating major grain-producing areas for their benefits.

We will expand oil production, stabilize the production capacity of animal husbandry and fishery, and develop modern facility agriculture.

We will intensify efforts to revitalize the seed industry, tackle key core agricultural technologies, and implement actions to strengthen weak areas in agricultural machinery and equipment.

We will strictly adhere to the red line for arable land and increase investment subsidies for high-standard farmland development.

New quality productivity

We will vigorously promote the development of a modern industrial system and accelerate the development of new quality productive forces. We will promote industrial innovation through scientific and technological innovation, accelerate new industrialization, and raise total factor productivity.

We promoted the optimization and upgrading of industrial and supply chains. We will accelerate the development of modern producer services.

We will vigorously promote innovative development of the digital economy. We will deepen the integration of digital technologies and the real economy. We will build smart cities and digital villages.

New urbanization

We need to fully implement the new type of urbanization strategy, promote the two-way flow of various factors of development, and form a new pattern of integrated urban and rural development.

We will cultivate and develop county economies, make up for weaknesses in infrastructure and public services, and make county towns an important carrier of new-type urbanization.

The new type of urbanization should put people first, improve management and services, and enable the people to enjoy a better quality of life.

Achievements in poverty alleviation

We will not relent in consolidating and expanding our achievements in poverty alleviation. We will strengthen monitoring and support work to prevent the return of poverty to ensure that large-scale poverty does not occur.

We will support areas lifted out of poverty in developing industries with their own characteristics and advantages, and advance efforts to prevent people from returning to poverty and finding jobs.

Silver economy

Strengthen social security and services. We will implement a national strategy to actively respond to an aging population.

We will strengthen the construction of community networks for elderly care services in urban and rural areas, and strengthen efforts to strengthen weak areas in elderly care services in rural areas.

We will strengthen the supply of goods and services for the elderly and vigorously develop the silver-haired economy.

Green and low-carbon development

We will vigorously develop a green and low-carbon economy. We will promote green transformation of the industrial structure, energy structure, transportation structure, and urban and rural development.

We will implement a comprehensive conservation strategy and speed up efforts to conserve energy and water in key areas.

We will promote the development of the waste recycling industry, promote the research and development and application of advanced technologies for energy conservation and carbon reduction, and accelerate the formation of a green and low-carbon supply chain.

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