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Develop moderate scale management and build a strong modern agricultural management system

In the current global context, agricultural modernization has become a goal pursued by all countries. In this process, moderate scale operation is regarded as the only way of our country's agricultural modernization. This is not only because large-scale operation can improve agricultural production efficiency, but also because it helps promote agricultural technological innovation, and thus achieve sustainable agricultural development.

First of all, moderate scale management can improve agricultural production efficiency. The traditional mode of agricultural production is often the model of small peasant economy, that is, one household dispersed management. Although this approach is easy to manage, it also leads to the dispersion of resources and cannot form scale effects. Moderate scale operation can concentrate land, capital, technology, labor and other resources to form a scale effect, thereby improving agricultural production efficiency. This not only increases crop yields, but also provides more income for farmers.


Second, scale management can help promote agricultural technological innovation. With the development of science and technology, agricultural technology is changing rapidly, such as intelligent irrigation, precision fertilization, drone plant protection and other new technologies continue to emerge. However, the application of these new technologies requires a certain scale as support. Only large-scale operation can form enough experimental samples to promote researchers to constantly explore new agricultural technologies, and apply and promote them. This can not only improve the quality and output of agricultural production, but also provide more development opportunities for farmers.

Finally, moderate scale management is conducive to sustainable agricultural development. In the traditional agricultural production mode, there are often excessive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other problems, which not only cause damage to the environment, but also affect the quality of agricultural products. Moderate scale management can guide farmers to adopt environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural production methods, such as organic agriculture and ecological agriculture. This will not only protect the environment, but also provide consumers with safer and healthier agricultural products.


In short, moderate scale operation is a necessary way for our country's agricultural modernization. It can not only improve agricultural production efficiency, promote agricultural technological innovation, achieve sustainable agricultural development, but also an important way to realize the rural revitalization strategy. Therefore, we should actively promote the development of moderately large-scale operation to inject new impetus into our agricultural modernization.

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