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How to go high-end agricultural products?

The process of creating high-end agricultural products is not easy, especially when it comes to the last part of facing consumers, it is a lot of people's brains.

As long as the agricultural products that are loved and accepted by consumers must have its characteristics, it is also necessary for businesses to rack their brains to come up with a trick.


1. Capture the hearts of consumers with "appearance level"

Generally speaking, it is difficult for consumers to have professional knowledge to judge the quality of agricultural products, at this time, enterprises need to guide them to make preliminary judgments through some factors of appearance.

Taking fruits and vegetables as an example, the appearance factors mainly include shape, size, color, smell, freshness, moisture and maturity. In order to gain the recognition of high-end consumers and make them continue to buy, they must also reflect the high quality of agricultural products from the taste aspect. One of the most important qualities of produce, especially fresh produce, is freshness.

2. Use "rational thinking" to give trust

Quantitative comparison can make the quality of high-end agricultural products more prominent. The way of quantitative comparison can be compared with similar products, but also with different similar products. Through the comparison of quantitative indicators, highlight the high quality of products, so that it is easy to be accepted by consumers.

Origin determines quality, and origin can strengthen the "soil" gas of the product. At the same time, the consumer psychology of agricultural products is "the more rustic, the better", so emphasizing the origin and advantage of products can enhance consumers' recognition of agricultural products.

The traceability of agricultural products can provide consumers with transparent product information and improve consumers' trust in agricultural products.

3. Dispel concerns with "price experience.

The price of high-end agricultural products is often several times that of general agricultural products, and the high price greatly hinders consumers' attempt to buy, while the price experience can reduce the risk of consumers' attempt to buy, which is mainly divided into two forms:

Eat free first, pay to buy after eating satisfied. For example, a company in Nanjing built egg boxes in residential areas, the company not only ensures that the eggs are fresh, but also pays for the eggs after eating them first, which caters to the psychology of consumers, and sends free-range eggs into more than 100,000 households in Nanjing.

Sell at a lower price to reduce the risk of consumers trying. A breeding base in Qingdao adopts the membership system, spending more than 600 yuan can do membership cards, consumers can enjoy a discount of 7.5% with the card, since the company not only has a number of stable customers, but also expanded the consumer group.


4. Connect with the "experience.

Enterprises can let consumers personally participate in farming activities, so that they can deeply understand the reason for the high value of high-end agricultural products.

Enterprises can adopt the way of observing and experiencing the whole process, so that consumers can witness the high value of agricultural products. In addition to base visits, with the development of Internet technology, consumers can also monitor the whole process of agricultural production at home in real time. So that consumers do not need to go to remote mountains, they can grow their favorite agricultural products in the city and monitor them at any time.

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