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Greenhouse Construction Guide: How to build a facility agricultural greenhouse

Facility agriculture greenhouse is a modern agricultural production mode, it can provide a relatively stable and controllable growth environment for crops, improve the yield and quality of crops. The following will describe the general steps of building a facility agricultural greenhouse.


1. Planning and design

Before the construction of facility agriculture greenhouses, planning and design are required first. Considering the use of greenhouses, geographical location, climatic conditions and other factors, determine the scale, structure and layout of greenhouses. At the same time, it is necessary to reasonably choose the construction materials of greenhouses to ensure the stability and durability of greenhouses.

2. Infrastructure

Building a solid foundation is the key to the construction of agricultural greenhouses. According to the design requirements, the site leveling, foundation excavation and concrete pouring are carried out to ensure that the foundation of the greenhouse can withstand loads and withstand natural disasters.

3. Structure construction

The structure of greenhouses is usually composed of steel frames or aluminum alloy frames. Install and fix the frame according to the design drawings to ensure the robustness and stability of the structure. At the same time, it is necessary to install a covering material, such as plastic film, glass or sunshade net, to regulate the light and temperature.

4. Environmental control system

In order to achieve accurate control of the environment in the greenhouse, it is necessary to install an environmental control system. This includes equipment such as heating, cooling, ventilation, irrigation and lighting. According to the needs of crops, these equipment are rationally configured to create a suitable growing environment.

5. Planting and management

When planting in greenhouses, crop varieties suitable for the greenhouses environment should be selected, and scientific planting and management should be carried out according to the growth needs of crops. Pay attention to fertilization, watering, pest control and other work to ensure the healthy growth of crops.

6, equipment maintenance and maintenance

Regular maintenance and maintenance of equipment for agricultural greenhouses is essential. Check and maintain irrigation system, ventilation equipment, heating equipment, etc., to ensure their normal operation. Timely replacement of damaged parts to ensure the performance and efficiency of the greenhouse.


7. Safety and protection

Safety and protection measures in agricultural greenhouses can not be ignored. Set up fire prevention, theft prevention and natural disaster prevention facilities to ensure the safety of staff. At the same time, the relevant safety regulations and operating procedures should be observed.

The construction of agricultural greenhouses requires comprehensive consideration of various factors, reasonable planning and design, scientific construction and management. Through the construction of facility agricultural greenhouses, the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production can be improved, and the development of agricultural modernization can be contributed.

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