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World Agriculture: From the present to the future, understand the underlying logic of agriculture

In a world full of changes, agriculture has always been a basic industry that we rely on to survive. Not only is it key to meeting our food needs, but it also provides us with a wide variety of raw materials and bioenergy. When we look back at the current state of agriculture, and look forward to the future, we can clearly see that the underlying logic of the industry is constantly evolving and changing.


First, let's look at the current state of agriculture. In this era of information and mechanization, agriculture has gradually changed from traditional manual work to a highly mechanized mode of production. The application of high-tech means such as drones, intelligent irrigation systems and precision fertilization technology has greatly improved the efficiency of agricultural production, while also reducing the impact on the environment. However, while the development of science and technology has brought many conveniences to agriculture, we must also be aware that the pressure on agriculture is increasing with population growth and the challenges of climate change.

Yet it is these pressures that are shaping the future of agriculture. With the improvement of environmental awareness, sustainable agriculture has become a new development direction. Sustainable agriculture emphasizes the balance of ecological, economic and social benefits by minimizing the impact on the environment while ensuring production. With advances in biotechnology, we also have more means to deal with climate change and pests and diseases, providing more possibilities for the development of sustainable agriculture.

In addition, smart agriculture is also becoming a new trend. Through technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, we can achieve precise management of farmland, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. At the same time, smart agriculture also provides us with more data support to help us better understand the growth of crops and provide a basis for future production layout.

However, we cannot ignore another important factor in agriculture - the cultivation of talents. Under the new agricultural development trend, we need more talents with scientific and technological knowledge and agricultural skills to promote the development of agriculture. Therefore, the education sector and agricultural institutions should work together to train more talents to meet the needs of modern agriculture.


The future of agriculture is full of challenges and opportunities. In this process, we need to be grateful for the development of science and technology, the challenge of the environment and the training of talents. Only by grasping these underlying logics can we stand in this rapidly changing era and make greater contributions to the survival and development of mankind.

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