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Why are multi-storey greenhouses being more and more widely used in the industry

Multi-storey intelligent greenhouse refers to a modern multi-storey greenhouse equipped with an intelligent control system. Multi-storey intelligent greenhouse is mostly a cross-type glass greenhouse or a sunlight panel greenhouse, which is generally mainly used as a sightseeing, production and scientific research greenhouse.

Intelligent greenhouse is generally equipped with multiple sets of greenhouse systems, including external shading system, internal shading system, wet curtain fan cooling system, top window system, side window system, light filling system, spray system, fertilization and irrigation system, agricultural Internet of Things system, intelligent control system, etc.

The cost of the greenhouse should be based on the material, type and size required by the greenhouse, in addition to the structural skeleton of the greenhouse, generally all the roofing and surrounding walls are transparent materials, such as glass, plastic film or hard plastic board (such as PC sunlight board, etc.), and the space can be isolated inside the greenhouse according to needs. In areas with strong north wind in winter, in order to improve the thermal insulation of the greenhouse, opaque materials with strong thermal insulation performance can be selected for the north wall of the greenhouse. Multi-storey greenhouse has high land utilization rate, large internal working space, sufficient light, high degree of automation, complete internal configuration, and can achieve large-scale, factory production and automated management.

Film terraced greenhouse

There are two kinds of film greenhouse: single film greenhouse and double gas film greenhouse. Single-layer film multi-storey greenhouse has two kinds of vault roof and spire roof. Most of the hot-dipped zinc steel skeleton structure assembly, corrosion and rust prevention, the greenhouse internal operation space is large, easy to mechanized operation, and the greenhouse lighting surface is large, the new film light transmittance can reach 95%. Because it is covered by a single film, the greenhouse cost is low, but the thermal insulation performance is poor, and the operating cost is high in the northern winter. By using an air pump to continuously fill the air between the two layers of film, maintain a certain turgor pressure, so that a layer of air insulation between the greenhouse and the outside world is formed. This temperature has good thermal insulation performance and is suitable for cold and sunny places in the north.


Glass terraced greenhouse

The cost of glass greenhouse is higher than that of other covered materials, but the glass will not affect the light transmittance with the extension of the service life, and the cost of glass greenhouse is lower than that of other materials greenhouse when used for more than 20 years in the greenhouse. In appearance, the glass greenhouse is also the most beautiful, so it is often used as a sightseeing greenhouse or ecological restaurant. Although the light transmission of the glass greenhouse is good, the thermal conductivity is large, the heat preservation is poor, and it is suitable for warm areas, or for the production of crops with high lighting conditions. In winter because of its heating load, the operating cost is relatively high.


pc board multi-storey greenhouse

Also known as the sun panel greenhouse. pc board came out in Europe in the 1970s, that is, it is widely used in greenhouse construction, and is the fourth generation of greenhouse covering materials after glass and film. pc board is generally double-layer or three-layer transparent hollow board or single-layer wave board. pc board has high light transmittance, good sealing, good impact resistance and good thermal insulation, which is the best comprehensive performance of all covering materials at present. This kind of greenhouse can be promoted and used throughout the country, without regional restrictions, the only deficiency is that the price is more expensive.


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