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What are the advantages of intelligent greenhouses in modern agricultural production

With the continuous development of China's agricultural technology level, especially in recent years, with the increase of international exchanges, through the introduction of foreign advanced greenhouse construction technology, soilless cultivation technology and factory planting concept, combined with the actual domestic production, in the continuous production practice, gradually formed a new intelligent greenhouse model suitable for the actual situation.

First, beautiful appearance, large space

At present, the new intelligent greenhouse generally adopts the mainstream multi-storey structure of the world's modern greenhouse, which can theoretically be unlimited. In this way, it is very beautiful and generous. The space is open. High land utilization, suitable for mechanized operations and various modern greenhouse equipment installation. Skeleton and other materials are generally produced by professional chemical plants, strong and beautiful, wind and snow proof.


Second, widely used, strong expansion function

The general structure of the new intelligent greenhouse is designed according to the greenhouse specification and can be equipped with special equipment and machinery for the greenhouse. Various greenhouse equipment can be selected and configured according to the actual needs of specific applications. It can be built into high-tech vegetable demonstration park, plant factory, flower greenhouse, ecological tourism greenhouse, scientific research greenhouse, seedling greenhouse, breeding greenhouse and other forms.

Third, high technical content, accurate management

Various sensors in the new intelligent greenhouse can timely monitor the temperature, light, soil moisture and carbon dioxide concentration in the greenhouse, and timely import the data into the greenhouse intelligent control system for analysis and control to generate data reports. Accurate monitoring of the greenhouse environment, remote intelligent control, create a comfortable environment for plant growth.

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Fourth, labor saving, high production efficiency

We only need to set the technical parameters required for crop growth on the computer, and the greenhouse environmental control system and the integrated water and fertilizer system can realize the intelligent control of the greenhouse. 2-3 people can control 20,000-30,000 square meters, which greatly saves labor. Daily management is basically mechanized, and production efficiency is significantly improved.

5. Remarkable social benefits

The construction of the new intelligent greenhouse can not only speed up the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure, increase farmers' income and promote the development of agricultural industry, but also provide better, rich and safe agricultural products for our residents and meet the residents' needs for the quality, quantity and food safety of agricultural products.


6. Improving economic efficiency

The new intelligent greenhouse can significantly increase the output of planted crops, because the water, temperature and nutrient control are more reasonable, the cultivation facilities are more advanced, the output of common vegetables is increased by 30%-40%, the anti-season cultivation, and the price advantage is obvious. And it can also improve the quality of planted crops, color, shape, nutrients are significantly improved, organic vegetables, scarce vegetables, precious Chinese herbs, a variety of precious scarce varieties can also be cultivated in a scientific environment.

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