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Although the sun is good, vegetables can't stand it.

As the temperature rises, the light increases, and the growth rate of vegetables accelerates, it is the key period for high yield. However, many vegetable farmers reflect that there are abnormal growth of vegetables in the shed, such as sunburn fruit, umbilical rot fruit, poor color, wilting and other problems, these problems are physiological problems, and the light intensity in sunny days has a great relationship. Sometimes, strong light damage to vegetables is irreversible, therefore, vegetable farmers can adjust management measures to avoid strong light damage to fruit surface.


Supplement calcium and boron to improve the stress resistance of vegetables

The stability of cell membrane, cell wall and other structures will greatly affect the tolerance of crops to strong light, high temperature and other adverse conditions. In order to improve the stress resistance of vegetables, it is essential to ensure the stability of the intracellular structure. The role of calcium and boron in stabilizing cell structure and function can not be ignored. Calcium is an important component of cell wall and can form calcium pectinate with pectin to stabilize cell wall structure. Boron is a stabilizer of the cell membrane, which can reduce the damage of the cell membrane by adversity, thereby reducing the damage caused by strong light. Therefore, in order to improve the resistance of vegetables and reduce the influence of adverse conditions such as strong light, vegetable farmers should

Leave the leaves as an umbrella, the fruit surface is not hurt

Sunburn fruits are often directly exposed to strong light, therefore, vegetable farmers may wish to "show mercy" when thinning branches and beating leaves, leaving a few more leaves to support the "sun umbrella" for the developing fruit.

The leaves are hydrated and the vegetables are not wilting

When a cloudy day suddenly turns sunny, vegetable farmers can spray water on the leaves in advance to adjust the balance of water absorption and loss to avoid leaf wilting.


Water promptly to keep the soil moist

After the enhancement of light, the evaporation of soil increases, if not watered in time, plants will wither or sunburn under high temperature conditions due to large evaporation of water and insufficient soil water supply. Therefore, vegetable farmers should water in time to keep the soil dry and wet.

Remove the reflectors early to avoid burning vegetables

The reflective curtain can significantly increase the light received by the plant, alleviate the problem of insufficient light in the late winter season and raise the temperature of the shed. However, as the temperature gradually rises and the light gradually increases, the factors that restrict the growth of vegetables in winter such as insufficient light and low temperature no longer exist. When the weather is fine, the strong light is reflected by the reflective curtain of the back wall, which greatly enhances the light intensity on the vegetables on the north side of the shed, which easily leads to the sunburn phenomenon of the leaves and fruits. Therefore, after the weather warms up, vegetable farmers should remove the greenhouse reflective screen in time to avoid losses.

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