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Application of intelligent agricultural system in intelligent development

Intelligent agricultural system is an agricultural information system based on the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies. It collects various data from the agricultural production site in real time through intelligent equipment, such as weather, soil, water and fertilizer, and transmits the data to the cloud for storage and analysis. By analyzing these data, we can accurately grasp the situation of agricultural production and provide scientific decision-making basis for agricultural production. Its main applications are:


Data acquisition and monitoring: real-time collection of various agricultural production site data through iot devices, such as weather, temperature, soil, water and fertilizer, etc., to provide scientific basis for agricultural production.

Intelligent decision: According to the collected data and algorithm model, intelligent decision support is provided for agricultural production, such as intelligent irrigation and intelligent fertilization.

Precision planting: Through big data analysis, optimize the planting structure, improve the yield and quality of crops, and achieve precision planting.

Disease and pest control: Through real-time monitoring and data analysis, accurately find the situation and trend of disease and pest, and take scientific and effective prevention and control measures.


Agricultural resource management: intelligent management of agricultural resources, reasonable allocation of resources, improve resource utilization efficiency.

Agricultural product quality traceability: Through information means to record the whole process of agricultural product production data information, to achieve agricultural product quality traceability and safety management.

Agricultural e-commerce services: Through e-commerce platforms and big data analysis, to provide farmers with agricultural product sales and market development services.

Agricultural technology popularization: the use of information means to promote advanced agricultural technology and production mode, improve farmers' scientific and technological quality and production skills.

Agricultural policy publicity: Publicize agricultural policies and regulations and related information through information technology to improve farmers' policy awareness and participation.


Compared with the traditional agricultural production mode, the smart agricultural system can accurately grasp the agricultural production situation, provide scientific and reasonable decision-making basis for agricultural production, reduce the waste of human and material resources, improve the agricultural production efficiency and the market competitiveness of agricultural products, but also protect the ecological environment, and achieve sustainable agricultural development.

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