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Organic farming has to say planting techniques

1. The value of organic farming technology

The application of organic agriculture planting technology no longer uses chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides in agricultural planting, but uses some environmentally friendly and pollution-free organic fertilizers as food for crop growth. It can not only realize recreational planting, adapt to the requirements of ecological environment development, but also effectively save agricultural resources, and realize the nourishment of agricultural soil while realizing the return of crop straw to the field. More importantly, the application of organic matter can also realize the sustainable cycle and development of the entire agricultural ecological environment, and create a good environment and foundation for the cultivation of new agricultural varieties.

2. Key points of organic farming techniques

① Reasonable choice of agricultural planting base

Organic farming requires a high-quality natural environment, such as pollution-free water, air, soil, etc. Therefore, when choosing the agricultural planting area, it is necessary to detect the pollution of the planting area; If the farming base is around traffic and factories, it needs to be upwind of these factories; In terms of water impact, the organic agriculture planting base should also choose the upstream area of the factory and the city, so that it will not be affected by the air pollution and water pollution of the factory, but also meet the requirements of organic agriculture on water, air and soil, and improve the quality and effect of organic agriculture planting.


② Select high-quality seeds

For organic farming, the quality of seeds will directly affect the growth quality and quality of crops in the later period. So, choose high-quality organic seeds. When selecting seeds, high-quality seeds that meet planting conditions should be selected according to the natural environment, climate, moisture, etc., of the planting base, which can not only improve the disease resistance during the growth of crops, but also meet the environment required for crop growth. In addition, it is necessary to choose seeds that meet the relevant requirements of national agriculture and allow them to be planted on the market, so as to ensure the quality of seeds.

③ Reasonable control of planting transition period

The organic farming transition period is determined by the actual plot usage. If it is a wasteland for the first time before planting, the planting transition period generally takes about one year. In the north of China, the transition of planting generally takes about 2 years; In the southern region, if the plant is planted three times a year, the conversion period will take more than three years. Produce harvested during the transition period is not organic and is considered organic only if it is certified by a specialized organization after the transition period. Therefore, when planting organic agriculture, it is necessary to reasonably control the planting transition period according to the actual plot situation.

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(4) Adopt diversified planting methods

The cultivation of organic crops has very high requirements for soil quality, but the soil in some areas does not meet the needs of organic crops, mainly because there is no scientific planting method, and it is impossible to improve the soil conditions. In the agricultural inspection research, it is found that organic crop soil planting needs scientific treatment of crop roots after the end of the planting cycle, which will reduce the occurrence of diseases. Through a variety of different planting methods such as seed rotation and three-dimensional planting, the types of microbial substances in soil can be reduced, the occurrence of diseases can be reduced, and the planting efficiency and quality of organic agriculture can be improved.

(5) Strengthen field management

In the process of organic farming, the cultivation of seedlings and the field care during the growth period are also very important, so it is necessary to strengthen the field management of crops. If the lack of seedlings is very serious, it is necessary to choose the way of transplanting according to the actual situation of planting to replace seedlings and improve the growth efficiency and quality of organic crops.

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