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After vegetable planting, planting management is the top priority

Autumn vegetables are about to enter the peak of planting, so fast and slow seedling is the key to cultivate strong plants. What mistakes should we go out of and what measures should we take?

In order to prevent the high temperature and drought of the soil after planting, many vegetable farmers tend to water continuously, and most of them adopt the method of flood irrigation. Although watering can reduce the ground temperature, soil moisture will be saturated for a long time, which will affect the respiration of the root system, and eventually cause root damage, and even lead to root diseases.


First of all, the daytime temperature of the shed is controlled below 30℃. The burning of seedlings at high temperature often occurs in the case of overcast and sudden sunny, and the evaporation is large after the overcast and sudden sunny, and the root system will not absorb enough to burn seedlings. If such a situation occurs, a small amount of shade should be taken in time to cool down, and the leaves should be sprayed with foliar fertilizer.

Secondly, prevent rainwater from entering the shed and causing root diseases. After the temperature rises, the vent of the greenhouse is enlarged, and the rain is easy to enter the shed. At this time, the rain carries a large amount of bacteria, which is very harmful to the seedlings. Once rainwater enters the shed and infuse the roots of newly established seedlings, the chance of root disease is greatly increased. Therefore, it is not only necessary to strengthen the ventilation of the shed, but also to prevent rain from affecting the slow seedling.

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Third, when watering can be applied to promote slow seedlings. Biological bacteria have a great role in protecting and promoting the growth of roots. When watering vegetables in slow seedling stage, applying appropriate amount of biological fertilizer can promote the rapid rooting of seedlings and inhibit the occurrence of root diseases.

Finally, control the use of certain chemicals. During the slow seedling of vegetables, the resistance to agents is weak, so some agents can not be used or can not be used in accordance with the concentration of flowering and fruit.

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