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Three innovative ways of digital agriculture

Digital agriculture vigorously promotes the production warehouse model, builds and improves the modern circulation system of agricultural products, changes the supply chain of agricultural products, realizes the precise docking of production and marketing, and closely connects the interests, which is of great significance to the establishment of a long-term and stable new government-agriculture-business relationship of "research, production, supply, marketing and finance".

Integrate agricultural supply chains at source

Digital agriculture includes smart farming, standardization of aquaculture and digitization of agricultural products (traceability, trading, supply chain finance, and coupon services). We start with the supply chain of agricultural products, which includes the whole process of harvesting, grading, packaging, pretreatment, warehousing, transportation, distribution, after-sales and so on.

The construction of production warehouse is the starting point of agricultural products supply chain, the source point of digitization of agricultural products, and the short board of the current agricultural products supply chain. In order to integrate the supply chain of agricultural products, we must start from the source, vigorously carry out the construction of cold chain logistics infrastructure such as agricultural production warehouses, achieve direct production, agricultural and commercial interconnection, county distribution, and direct distribution at the end, promote the acceleration of agricultural products and promote rural revitalization.

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First of all, promote the interconnection of agriculture and business to achieve accurate docking: Agricultural product circulation enterprises and agricultural business entities should conduct comprehensive, in-depth and precise docking, give full play to the guiding role of circulation in agricultural product bases, promote agricultural production to focus on market demand, optimize variety structure and industrial layout, improve scale, standardization and informatization level, gradually form competitive industries and brands, develop order agriculture, and achieve integrated production and marketing. Build a joint agricultural product base and consumers, and establish a long-term stable agriculture-business relationship with close links between production and marketing.

Second, invest in the construction of production warehouses and promote standardization: vigorously carry out the construction of agricultural cold chain logistics infrastructure focusing on the preservation facilities of agricultural warehouses, promote the standardization and commercialization of agricultural products from the source, make the first gate of the cold chain source, and improve the entire cold chain system of agricultural products logistics, which is the key to the innovation and development of agricultural products supply chain.

Third, start from the source, promote the digitalization of the full link of production, supply and marketing: to open up the full link of "research - production - supply - sales - service" of agricultural products with digitalization, first of all, the application of Internet of Things technology requires the unitization and standardization of agricultural products.

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Use logistics to shorten the supply chain of agricultural products

The first is to sink the front end of the urban and rural efficient distribution network, connect agricultural products through the origin warehouse, connect consumers through the advance warehouse or community group purchase self-pickup point, connect the origin warehouse and the advance warehouse through the urban and rural efficient distribution network, so as to achieve full coverage of the business logistics network. On the basis of such logistics infrastructure, superimposing e-commerce platforms, live broadcasting platforms, and digital new commercial agricultural products wholesale platforms can reduce middlemen, achieve direct connection between agricultural production and consumption, and reduce circulation costs.

The second is to achieve standardized classification of agricultural products, unitized packaging, and vigorously promote the standardization of trade logistics, so as to achieve a basket of supermarket shelves from the field to the end of the sales scene, and the various circulation links in the middle do not collapse, and fresh and tender agricultural products do not flip. In this way, the logistics operation of agricultural products becomes the operation of logistics baskets. In the whole process of logistics, sorting, handling, loading, unloading, warehousing, warehousing, shelving, inversion and other operations are the operations of logistics baskets, which are the division, combination, moving, transportation and storage of logistics baskets. Fresh vegetables and fruits in logistics baskets no longer squeeze, split, overturn, grab and other operations. It can not only ensure the quality and quality of fresh vegetables and fruits, but also greatly reduce the loss of fresh vegetables and fruits.

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Driving agricultural supply chains with innovation

First, agricultural products cold chain logistics innovation: the good production warehouse product harvesting, grading and pretreatment, leading the brand innovation of agricultural products. The innovation of agricultural cold chain logistics is not only "a cold", but only focuses on the refrigeration and temperature control of the whole cold chain. Because the purpose of cold chain logistics is not cold chain and temperature control, but the quality and preservation of agricultural products, cold chain is just one of the most important means of quality and preservation of agricultural products.

The second is the digital innovation of agricultural product supply chain: using digital to lead the innovation of agricultural product circulation mode and logistics mode, solve the problems of small, scattered and chaotic agricultural product logistics distribution faced by vast agricultural production areas, scattered farmers, and realize the intensive and shared agricultural product logistics distribution, and further reduce logistics costs.

Third, logistics technology and equipment innovation: vigorously promote mechanization, automation, intelligent innovation, improve logistics efficiency, reduce logistics costs. The innovation of agricultural logistics technology and equipment is completely different from that of ordinary logistics, which must consider the freshness and fragility of agricultural products, and the specific environment of low temperature, humidity and gas in agricultural logistics.

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