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Promote and protect the end of the tomato

Right now, some tomatoes are at the end of their growth cycle, down to their last ear. Due to the end of the spike fruit, many vegetable farmers began to relax management, resulting in serious decline in the yield and quality of tomato end spike fruit, uneven color, low selling price.


First of all, timely thinning leaves, improve light and promote coloring. In order to increase light transmittance and promote fruit coloring, farmers generally remove all the lower leaves of tomatoes, leaving only a few parietal leaves, which is not correct. The correct approach is to only remove too many old leaves around and in the lower part of the fruit, and to retain at least 3-4 nutritious leaves to ensure that the plant carries out normal photosynthetic accumulation. In addition, the shed film is often wiped during the day to improve light transmission and promote good tomato coloring.

Secondly, timely increase of temperature to promote maturity. The last ear of fruit has almost grown enough, and the temperature of the shed should be increased by 2-3 ° C than usual, and maintained at 28-30 ° C during the day to promote its maturity as soon as possible. But do not raise the temperature of the shed too high, generally during the day the temperature of the shed can not exceed 32 ° C. It is more inappropriate to apply ripening agents in a hurry to avoid affecting the quality of tomatoes.


Again, supplement leaf fertilizer to prevent nutrient deficiency. When the plant is down to the last ear of fruit, in principle no longer topdressing. If the plant has symptoms of deficiency, the leaf surface fertilizer can be used, once every 5-7 days, and even spray 2-3 times, which can significantly promote fruit ripening.

Also, don't neglect disease control. At the later stage of fruit harvesting, most growers no longer spray. If the tomato disease in this period, not only will harm the fruit, affect the benefit. In addition, pathogenic spores will accumulate in large quantities in the shed, bringing hidden dangers to the next crop of vegetables. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to prevent and control tomato diseases to ensure the overall benefit.

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