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What role does the Internet of Things play in traditional agriculture?

At present, China's agriculture is in a critical period of transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. The use of modern information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things to transform traditional agriculture and integrate various types of agricultural resources can effectively improve China's comprehensive agricultural competitiveness and sustainable development ability. China's labor productivity is low, rural labor is relatively short, and relying on the Internet of things can be a good solution to these problems.


The Internet of Things is recognized by the world as the third wave of the world information industry after the computer, the Internet and the mobile communication network. It is based on perception as the premise to realize the comprehensive interconnection network between people, people and things, and things and things. Behind this is the implantation of various microchips on the object, the use of these sensors to obtain various information of the physical world, and then through the local wireless network, the Internet, mobile communication network and other communication networks to realize the perception of the world. Smart agriculture requires perception, regulation and decision management based on data, and the Internet of Things technology integrates data collection, analysis and real-time control, which is the most powerful tool and focus to achieve smart ecological operation.

The general application of agricultural Internet of Things is to form a monitoring network with a large number of sensor nodes and collect information through various sensors to help farmers find problems in time and determine the location of problems. In this way, agriculture will gradually shift from the production mode centered on manpower and relying on isolated machinery to the production mode centered on information and software. Thus, a large number of automated, intelligent, remote control production equipment is used, such as the use of temperature and humidity, PH, light, carbon dioxide and other sensor equipment of the Internet of Things system to detect various physical parameters in the environment to ensure that crops have a good and suitable growth environment. At the same time, the realization of remote control enables technicians to monitor and control the environment of multiple greenhouses in the office, and use wireless networks to measure the best conditions for crop growth.

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With the progress of agricultural science and technology and the introduction of national policies, the application of Internet of Things technology has become more extensive, and the development of agricultural Internet of Things has become more mature. The integration of the Internet of Things and the agricultural field not only promotes the faster popularization of smart agriculture, but also provides a "stage" for the further development of the Internet of Things industry and market. In the journey of traditional agriculture "changing the sky", the Internet of Things will show a richer value.

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