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How to tell if a vegetable is organic

As an important ingredient in our lives, vegetables can not be separated from its existence every day. Eating more vegetables can not only maintain the physiological adjustment of our body, but also contain important vitamins, which are essential elements for our body. With the rapid development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, From only focusing on the satisfaction of material life in the past to now paying more attention to the quality and quality of life, such as the emergence of organic vegetables in today's market, compared with traditional vegetables, there is a great difference, then how to distinguish whether organic vegetables?


1. Simply put, organic vegetables are vegetables that have been certified by an independent organic food certification body to allow the use of the organic food mark. It is grown with natural fertilizer. It requires that the residual amount of toxic and harmful substances be controlled within the range of safety standards.

2, the planting and cultivation of inorganic vegetables is more random, in order to ripeness or yield, pesticides will be used, and consumption will not be treated or strictly cleaned, which will bring chronic damage to health.

3. There are also obvious differences in price and taste

Organic vegetables not only cost more than ordinary vegetables, but also taste and safety are quite good. Organic cherry tomatoes, for example, taste much sweeter than regular ones.

4. Recognize the signs when buying organic vegetables

How can consumers tell whether organic vegetables are real or fake? The certification of organic vegetables is the responsibility of specialized certification bodies. Through the certification of organic food must be printed on the outer package of the certification body logo (including pattern and text), this logo is a registered trademark, the way to distinguish the true and false organic vegetables is to see whether it is on the outer package of the certification body logo and certification number

Identify the difference between organic and inorganic vegetables

"Organic" is in the ascendant, with people's concern for health, the main non-chemical fertilizer, pesticide, low addition of organic products have become the darling of the market. As long as it is labeled "organic", it has become the "noble" of similar products, and its value has skyrocketed, so how is there any difference between organic food and inorganic food?


Different methods:

1. Can the appearance and taste identify organic products?

Simply put, organic vegetables require that chemical synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, feed additives and other substances are not used in the production process of animals and plants, and can not be the product of genetic engineering, and it is a product that fully follows the law of natural growth. Although some experts and researchers believe that organically produced food is much better in taste and nutrition than regular food, there is no such indicator to distinguish organic vegetables from regular vegetables. As for appearance, there is no obvious difference between organic vegetables and regular vegetables, and some look even worse.

2, Distinguish the authenticity of organic vegetables?

All certified organic products have the "Organic National Mark" on their sales packaging, along with the organic code and the name or logo of the certification body. Consumers can obtain certification certificates, sales certificates and other certification materials from dealers, and pay attention to whether the purchased products are within the scope of organic product certification specified in the certificate. Consumers can also log in to the "China Food and Agricultural Product Certification Information System" of the State Regulatory Commission to verify whether the production and processing enterprises have been certified and whether the certificate has expired.

3, detection card, at present, there are testing institutions on the market to develop rapid pesticide residue detection cards

The detection of pesticide residues in vegetables through this test card is fast and inexpensive, and if the pesticide residues exceed the standard, it is definitely not organic vegetables.

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