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Vegetables' favorite way to fertilize

Organic matter can improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, improve the soil tillability, enhance the water permeability, improve the soil water storage, fertilizer retention, fertilizer supply, drought resistance and flood control ability, and increase the yield obviously, which is impossible to do with chemical fertilizer.

Although there are so many advantages of organic fertilizer, single use is not feasible, because after all, a large number of elements in organic fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are still very short, and can not meet the needs of crops for nutrients, so organic fertilizer with fertilizer is the ideal way to apply fertilizer.

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Fertilizer is effective quickly (as long as it is used rationally), and it is still very important for the sustainable production and increase of agricultural production. We should follow the principle of "organic fertilizer as the main fertilizer, fertilizer as the auxiliary fertilizer", we can achieve fertilizer and increase production. Research shows that the benefits of organic fertilizer with inorganic fertilizer are mainly reflected in 5 aspects.

Benefit 1

Fertilizer has high nutrient content and fast fertilizer effect, but the duration is short and the nutrient is single. Organic fertilizer is just the opposite, and the mixed use of organic fertilizer and fertilizer can draw on each other's strengths and meet the needs of nutrients in each growing period of crops.

Benefit 2

After fertilizer is applied to the soil, some nutrients are absorbed or fixed by the soil, reducing the availability of nutrients. The mixed application with agrofertilizer can reduce the contact surface between fertilizer and soil, reduce the probability of fertilizer being fixed by soil, and improve the effectiveness of nutrients.

Benefit 3

General fertilizer solubility is large, the application of high osmotic pressure on the soil, affecting the absorption of nutrients and water, increase the chance of nutrient loss. If it is mixed with organic fertilizer, it can overcome this drawback and promote the absorption of nutrients and water by crops.


Benefit 4

If the alkaline soil is only applied acid fertilizer, after ammonium is absorbed by plants, the remaining acid roots combine with hydrogen ions in the soil to form acid, which will lead to increased acidity and soil compaction. If it is mixed with organic fertilizer, it can improve the buffer capacity of the soil, effectively adjust the pH, so that the acidity of the soil is not increased.

Benefit five

Because organic fertilizer is the energy of microbial life, fertilizer is the inorganic nutrition that supplies microbial growth and development. The combination of the two can promote the vitality of microorganisms, and then promote the decomposition of organic fertilizer. The activities of soil microorganisms can also produce vitamins, biotin, nicotinic acid, etc., increase soil nutrients, improve soil vitality, and promote the growth of crops.

If you replace some fertilizers with organic fertilizers, or reduce the amount of fertilizer, increase the amount of organic fertilizer, and use organic and inorganic together, it is a very important way to improve soil fertility or protect the agricultural environment, or steadily improve the yield and quality of agricultural products.

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