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Soilless cultivation technology, these points are done, high yield and healthy!

With the development of science and technology, the application of soilless culture technology is more and more extensive, many people will learn and understand such technology. Not just because it broke the rules, but because it worked out so well. But some people say that vegetables cultivated without soil are clearly promoted by absorbing a lot of fertilizer, what is healthy at all?


In fact, some fertilizers are not worse than organic fertilizers, but it will be more conducive to plant absorption, do not talk about fertilizers feel that it must be unhealthy. Fertilizer should also be treated differently, we do not lack of fertilizer, the lack is the correct use of fertilizer concept, not the more fertilizer the better, to find the right direction, what plants lack to give it what.

The soilless cultivation of "fertilizer vegetables" can also be very healthy, as long as the nutrient solution used is regular, purity and composition are clear, so that heavy metals will not exceed the standard, and the composition of organic fertilizer is not so clear.

Because some farming industries, in order to ensure the growth of livestock, will add various hormones and additives in the feed, which contains a large number of heavy metal ions, then after the animal is eaten, heavy metals will be discharged with the feces.

So the use of such organic fertilizer for vegetables, even if it is fermented, can it ensure that heavy metals do not exceed the standard? Therefore, we can not only look at the problem of one side, as long as the management is good, chemical fertilizer can also grow pollution-free vegetables.

Because the growth of plants mainly needs nutrition to support, and the soil is only a medium, if there is a medium that can make the crops better absorb nutrients, then it can completely replace the soil. This can be achieved by adding nutrient solutions to water, just as our flowers can be hydroponic at home.

However, not all vegetables are soilless cultivation, and the main cultivated fruits and vegetables are tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, rapeseed, lettuce, etc., so it is very important to choose the right varieties for cultivation. In addition, the fruits and vegetables grown this way will be relatively clean.


After all, there are a lot of eggs and bacteria in the soil, so there is no effort to plow, management is more convenient, and the most important thing is to increase production. Because the technicians will provide the nutrients they lack in time, the crops will grow better and better.

In addition to the method of using nutrient solution, there is another method for soilless cultivation, which is to use coconut husk for cultivation. Because it is far more sustainable than other organic matter, and it is more environmentally friendly to use, it is the best substitute for grass soil.

Because the application of coconut chaff is slowly widely up, so there are uneven conditions in quality, so before planting, we must choose the right coconut chaff. It is recommended that you use low salt coconut bran, do not take water directly after buying it, rinse with nutrient solution first, and then plant.

This will help the roots of the plant grow better, and for the first two days, you can eliminate the need to water it with nutrient solution. However, because there is almost no fertility in the coconut husk, it is necessary to apply enough fertilizer to it during the planting process. When using this method to usually maintain, but also pay attention to cover it, because once there are germs and weed seeds falling into it, it will easily cause rot.

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