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Under rural revitalization, which agricultural industry development projects have policy support?

At present, the implementation of rural revitalization is our country's grand strategy, from the national level has been issued and implemented the "rural revitalization Strategic Plan"; The local level is also in full swing to implement the local characteristics of the rural revitalization program; So for the friends who are already doing agriculture, or who are ready to join agriculture, how to find a project that fits the policy under the big policy opportunities is crucial; The following is a summary of the local implementation of rural revitalization, support and development of 9 kinds of agricultural projects, the development of these projects can be supported by the central financial funds; Do you see policy opportunities to develop agricultural programs? The details are as follows:


1, create "three parks, one" project; That is, we will promote the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas, build demonstration bases for intensive processing of agricultural products, create demonstration parks for processing agricultural products and international agricultural products processing parks, and build pilot zones and demonstration parks for integrated industrial development. "Three parks" refers to the modern agricultural industrial park, science and technology park, and entrepreneurship park; One Body is a pastoral complex.

2. Develop primary processing facilities for agricultural products; Cooperatives and other new business entities develop primary processing facilities such as preservation, storage, grading and packaging; Construction of field pre-cooling, drying, sorting and packaging, purification, logistics, cold chain facilities and equipment;

3. Agricultural waste resource utilization project. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs allocated special funds to implement the project of promoting the utilization of livestock and poultry waste resources through the integrated system of large counties in pig, dairy and beef cattle breeding;

4. Develop digital agriculture pilot projects; The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs arranges special support funds every year to carry out pilot projects of digital agriculture construction in four categories: field planting, facility horticulture, livestock and poultry breeding and aquaculture.

5. Develop leisure agriculture and activate idle rural assets and resources such as idle farm houses to develop rural tourism projects; We will integrate agriculture with tourism, culture, education, health care and sports, and build leisure and sightseeing parks, health care bases and rural homestays with complete facilities and diverse functions.

Under the development opportunities of rural revitalization, how can enterprises accurately obtain project support funds for the construction of rural complex, modern agricultural industrial park, demonstration park and characteristic town? Is the preparation of the project feasibility study report targeted at the evaluation scoring points? How to capture key scoring points?

National Development and Reform Commission Department of Agricultural Economics, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Planning and Design Institute, Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other experts involved in the creation of garden complex, agricultural industrial park and other projects review and policy formulation, with a combination of special lectures, case analysis, on-site Q&A, one-to-one guidance for each project declaration and creation; Click to view the relevant documents: garden complex, modern agricultural industrial park, characteristic town and three-industry integration pilot area declaration guidance


6, promote the development of small farmers and modern agriculture organic interface projects; In 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs took a holistic approach to cultivating new types of agricultural operators and supporting small farmers, and studied and created policies to support the development of small farmers. The policy support for new business entities should be linked to the number of small farmers led by them, and government subsidies should be quantified to small farmers and converted to cooperatives, and cooperatives should be supported to drive small farmers to apply advanced variety technologies through unified services.

7. Create rural double innovation demonstration parks (bases) and create farms with agricultural reclamation characteristics. All kinds of people returned to the countryside to develop shared farms, shared farms, creative agriculture, and characteristic cultural industries, and set up family factories, handmade workshops, and rural workshops.

8. Identify and develop model family farms, cooperatives, leading enterprises, socialized service organizations and agricultural industrialization consortia; All kinds of service organizations can carry out agricultural production trusteeship services directly facing farmers, such as land trusteeship, joint farming and planting, substitute farming and planting, and unified prevention and control, and concentrate on promoting green and efficient agricultural production methods consecutively, and the central government will provide special funds to support them.

9, develop agricultural products e-commerce out of the village project, encourage large e-commerce groups to enter the countryside to drive new business entities to carry out online sales. We will accelerate the construction of Tiantou market and specialized electronic trading market.

10, agricultural science and technology research and development and promotion. Agricultural science and technology is an important force to promote agricultural development. In rural areas, in order to improve productivity, villagers can introduce advanced agricultural science and technology, and carry out research and development and promotion of agricultural science and technology. For example, the promotion of new planting technology, breeding technology, agricultural machinery, etc., these projects can improve the efficiency and quality of agricultural production, and promote the sustainable development of rural economy.

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