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How to manage tomato planting in summer? Adopt these 5 tips to promote results coloring good appearance level high taste

It is currently in the summer, and this is the tomato fruit period, but also the peak of disease and insect infestation, so you know how to manage tomatoes at this time can improve the yield? If you don't know, you can look at the technical points of summer tomato planting.

1. Water

During the planting process, watering is very important, and it is best to keep the watering process as regular as possible. Give your tomato plants a drink as you water them, then wait until your tomato base is dry and water them thoroughly again. Repeat the cycle.

2. Fertilization

Once the plants begin to bloom every time you water your tomatoes, you can add liquid fertilizer to the water to encourage the fruit to expand and ripen.

Common plant fertilizers can stimulate excessive and unnecessary growth of tomato leaves.

So every time you add fertilizer to water, just take half the amount recommended by the fertilizer manufacturer.

3. Pinching

If you are growing tomatoes using the cane-guided method, remove the armpit buds that grow between the main stem and the tomato branches. It's best to nip them off when they're very young, because they grow quickly and take up a lot of the nutrients needed to grow into fruit.

If left to grow, your tomato plants will grow into a tangled, out-of-control mess, and before you know it, you may have a "jungle" of plants!


The fruit of tomatoes can form brown patches at the base of the fruit, which indicates that the plant is lacking calcium fertilizer. Of course, you can't "cure" an already affected fruit, but in the event you need to water it, you can add a teaspoon of lime as you water it. This will allow the plant to get more calcium and help produce fresh, clean fruit.

5. Trim the leaves

As your tomatoes grow taller, the leaves at the bottom of the plant become cumbersome and gradually turn yellow and useless. Pinch off the top buds of your tomatoes. Then, cut off the bottom two pairs of leaves. This will help the plant convert nutrients into high-quality fruit.

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